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I did a few tool kit rolls last summer and decided I would finish the rest of the materials and supplies I had on hand.  The kits I am offering are not complete but are very accurate. Version A comes with replica spark plug brush, gloves and polish rag.  Version B comes with 18mm wheel wrench, replica screwdriver and mini-screwdriver kit plus spark plug brush, gloves, rag.  The "A" version is available at $355 and the "B" version is $525.



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Lee, I can say that was a challenge.  I had to buy a commercial impulse sealer and test various materials. Ultimately found the right one but the reject ratio was very high.  The screwdriver and accessories were also near impossible to find, in the end the awls needed to be machined and plated locally. So yes definitely the small screwdriver kit was more of a personal challenge and produced at a loss.

Once finished I was surprised to count 17 different suppliers and subs from 6 countries to re-produce the tool rolls. I was privileged to have an original although beat-up roll to start with.

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Not to hijack the thread but if I could share a quick story-

Reading about the tool kits is such a horror story for me. My tools somehow made their way out of the roll and became plain old random garage tools. Once these tools are taken out of context they do not appear to have value.  So into use they went. And as they got beat up, into the trash they went! Luckily I still have the original roll which aged beautifully.

...An original roll in great shape is almost impossible to find...even if the leather straps have turned to dust after 50 years. Most of the tools themselves seem to 'mostly' available for about $75 a piece (the exceptions are the 17/13 and 10/8 Usag Vanadium Extra wrenches with the inset numbers in the head...and I'm never really sure how to identify the perfect pliers...). And the small vinyl packet for the screwdriver?  Lucky if you can find someone to make one for you

  The tool kit becomes a hobby in itself. But its still just one of those things...! Lee

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