There is a group of us that play a game using the registry.

The goal of the game is to identify the chosen car.

These are the rules: A target car is provided, perhaps from a For Sale advertisement, and players try to match the car with an existing registry entry, in the quickest amount of time and in the fewest number of steps.

This tests your eye for detail, your skill at using the registry database, and your knowledge of De Tomaso cars.

The target car may be one where the VIN is already known and the goal may be to match an entry from the “Unknowns List”, or it may be from an Advert where the VIN is not listed, but the car already has an entry in the registry. Sometimes there are tricks or challenges, like the car has been repainted a different color, or changed locations.

Good Luck!



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I’ve been playing this game for ages ... Need help, especially when playing with foreign owned Panteras Wink Big Grin

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