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I just got my refurbished set of original magnesium Campagnolo rims for my 1984 model Longchamp back and are considering acquiring wider tires for the car (original 215/70VR15). This is not the GTS version of the Longchamp.

Do anyone know if it's possible to use wider wheels without rubbing the fender or inner surfaces? I was thinking of either 245/60VR15 or 255/60VR15. I may use spacers if necessary. Any experiences?IMG_20191212_173314

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Hi Robert,

I know that my dad used to have BF Comp TA's in 235/60/15 at the rear.

He used to run a stock body Longchamp back in the early eighties and went through multiple sets at the rear. Not because they rubbed, but because they wore out pretty quickly.


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