If you've noticed the pictures in the forum graphics are missing, its because my image host, Photo Bucket, appears to be having technical difficulties. Their website says they're down for maintenance.

I think it must be a little more than that.
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Originally posted by George P:
Peter that must be a devastating discovery! I know something like that would piss me off and make feel sick in the pit of my stomach. I feel for you my friend.

Perhaps Photobucket can recover the lost images? Please keep us informed.

Just an update and a poor one at that.

Photobuckets "Lindsay" has now contacted me 3 times, none of the suggestions has made difference.

The last message was that their database people couldn't find or retrieve my pictures. They also asked if I had any questions.

Only one I replied, why would I use PBucket again when this can happen and cannot be remedied by their company.

Very disappointing.
I'm getting ready to transition out of photo bucket as well. They lost a bunch of my pictures from Norway, and I have so many ad boxes flashing up it takes three times as long as it should to set up pictures.

Got any suggestions?

I am leaning toward Google Images....

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