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Just thought I'd add some random pictures I have been taking of my Pantera.
I was rushing to beat this storm, but had to stop and get a shot:

Several shots waiting for the sun to set:

One with the truck. Talk about two different worlds, first time I got back in the truck after driving the Pantera I almost shoved my foot through the floor pushing in the clutch. lol

This is a cool one, photo stitched from about 5 pictures. The original is much too big to view, need to downsize it:

Couple shots of the first meeting between my '73 'Cuda and the Pantera. I think the 'Cuda is feeling a little inadequate in the tire department, the fronts on the Pantera are wider than the rears of the 'Cuda:

There is a car show next weekend that I hope to attend, ran into the only other two Pantera owners in the area earlier this week, hope to see them there and get some more pictures.
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Originally posted by shotgungrooms:
Lets see some close-up's of that wing, Please, Thanks

Here's a couple, I can get better, but it will have to wait for the rain to stop. Frowner

This one makes it look like the colors don't match, but it's just the lighting.

I kind of like the wing, but I also like the clean lines with no wing at all too.
Maybe I should put a "combat" wing on it like my '99 Mitsu?

Roll Eyes
Hmm, maybe not.
I'll get some better pics of the wing.
Originally posted by PanteraDoug:
Insidentally, I think the secret to tha TP engine is to run a single Holley 1050.
Be a little thankfull that the engine is a little flat under 4000 otherwise you would be changing the clutch once a month.
Did you find out what was done with the ZF gearing yet?
Does your sky look like that all of the time?

Hey Doug,
Thanks for the input on the TP, I had actually discused the dual quad setup with a shop in Boise. To me, the dual quad seems like more of a "gee wiz" setup. When they are tuned and dialed in correctly they kick butt. The previous owner set it up I think for more of a track car, I'm planning on street driving more than any track use. The duals actually run good on the street, I think because the taller gearing mae it a little more forgiving.
Anyway, the guy is checking into some options, but the duals are also part of what makes this car "secial", from what I gather, the 427 set-up is sort of a "signature" of Pantera Performance and Dennis Quaella(sp??). So it might e better to leave it as it was built?
The guy is building a S/O right now for a Cobra kit, so I plan to "chum up" to him for more ideas.
On the gearing, still waiting to hear from the previous owner. I have foung corispondence from Pantera Performance on the gearing options the owner had availeable, as well as the reciepts for the ZF work, but they do not list the actual ratio that was used.
We do get some cool "storm skys" don't we?
Yup, lower decklid was notched to clear. I think that is why it also doesn't have a rear trunk tub, the motor and intake extend back too far to use one without modifying the tub.
Future plans are to either find a tub and redesign it to fit, or go ahead and fab up a new tub from scratch.
The louvers do not rattle at all, they do "quiver" at idle though. Roll Eyes
They are not like the louvers that you used to see on the 'Cudas and Camaros. They are a complete insert into the rear deck lid, they do not hinge up for cleaning underneath, they are solid mounted. Only way to clean underneath them is to remove them or use a rag on a stick.
Future plans are to either find a tub and redesign it to fit, or go ahead and fab up a new tub from scratch.

Beautiful pictures! I'm looking for a half tub that sits to the rear of the car so you can still see the motor, clear lexan backing plate(that someones awesome car had recently) and handles to left it out easier....made out of carbon fiber would be nice too. velcro top cover or hinged top cover to keep the dust and dirt/rain out too. Anyone interested in buying one if fabbed up???Big Grin
Hi fourdoorbronko, could I ask about the flares and tires on your car?. I seen what look to be simular flares on the P.I site and am wondering if these are the same as yours?, and also what size of tires/wheels do you have under those flares?. thanks...btw your car looks great!

Originally posted by Rapid:
You must have just met Robert Shewchuk and his friend Randy. The only other Pantera owners I know in Idaho. OK I admit it Robertlives in Arizona in the winter and we just saw both of them in Vegas, and Robert called me up to tell me he just met a guy that had a Pantera with a 427 side oiler.Nice car!

Yup, met Rob and Randy by blind luck when I stopped at a rigging supplt store across the street from Randy's buiseness. Very cool guys.
Took the Pantera to the Treasure Valley Mustang/Ford car show last Saturday and Rob and I hung out fielding questions from the admiring masses of people. Big Grin
I'm embarrased to say I only got 2 pictures of the cars together, batteries died and when I borrowed my dad's camera later I forgot to go back for more. I'm hopeing Rob got some good ones he can send me.
The flares are all meteal installed by Pantera Performance, sorry I don't have more info on that.
Tires are 345/35 ZR15 in the back, 225/35 ZR15 up front. They are mounted on a set of Gotti custom wheels, not sure of the offset.
I'm in the process of tracking down a new set of tires right now and not having much luck. The rears are backordered everywhere.
I'll keep y'all updated and post pictures of the rest of the carshow tonight.


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Those flares appear to be Dennis' steel reproductions of the GTS flares. My car is a US GTS. Originally they were merely cosmetic and pop riveted on over standard trim. Besides the cleaner lines, the steel flares actually provide more wheel well room and allow lots of tire meat and lower ride height. They are the smallest of the flares available and my personal favorite.


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FDB. Did you ever figure out if the gearing in the ZF is stock?
I would be intersted too if you find any V or Z x15 rear tires.
Pirelli lists P Xero ZR 225/50/15's. The Tire rack lists them as available.

The problem is finding anything besides an S or Tfor the rear.

I am considering using race wets 295-15 for the rear. Even those are hard to find.
SHOTGUN / PANTERROR ... just today I had this conversation with Kirk Evans about rear bumpers. Kellys appear to me to be the style of original GT5 and GT5S rear bumperettes. Kirk told me today his are rounded where Kellys are cut squarer on the inside. Take a look on ebay Kirks are forsale and his own style and are rounder.

Funny thing I'm looking for a set and think I found them .. for 9138 its a 79 GTS that originally came with these bumpers but were changed to meet US emissions in 1985 when it came from euorpe.
A real 427 is tempting. Apparently Dennis Quella built a few of them.

The heat hass to be a large factor to deal with in a Pantera. If you got stuck in traffic with it, like the bridge, you are cooked dead meat. Open road, probably no problem as long as you are moving.

Modifications to the cooling system would definately be in order. It would be easier to copy an existing "corrected" car. It would save a lot of grief.

I'm not convinced that the ZF can be beefed to take the torque. There are no upgrade components around. It's too unique. You may have to reinvent the wheel.

"You" are going to think it is fine and just when you are running in the middle of nowhere snap the input shaft or spin a bearing on the counter shaft.

A 427 small block will do the same thing eventually. Torque is torque. It's going to be like a supercharged car and just twist everything up.

Don't forget the ZF is aluminum cast case. You can't beef that up even if the bearings and gear alloys are ok. Aluminum tranies twist like no tomorrow. They have a "letgounium" mixed in with the other alloys. The bearings spin right out of the cast in retainers.

I wouldn't build a Ford FE personally. I go all aluminum aftermarket. You're talking a lot of bucks here.
I wouldn't build a Ford FE personally. I go all aluminum aftermarket. You're talking a lot of bucks here.

YEP!! Last time I checked SHelby wanted $40K for an all aluminum 427. There is that genisis and they make an all aluminum but it is over ten grand without any inards!!!
I think Ron is actually thinking further, like I am in that the 427 SOHC, wouldn't it be nice?
You betcha'!

Now you gone too far. Ron had a SOHC and he said categorigcally there was no way it would fit! No way, no how. You are just toying with my head now Doug. You know how much I love the old FE. Most remarkable engine ever designed by mankind.
Exactly Doug .. there was nothing like an FE ... I Drag raced mine competitively for abotu 4 years in B/SA Comet ... and that baby would turn ON like a rocket after about 1/2 way down the track .. and I would catch those Dodges and Chevys in the traps every time.

But the SOHC was a different story ... never got to run one. But it was huge .. I think you would have needed a tube rear frame to make it work. The books show 650hp with dual 4's.

All I can say is a PANTERA with an FE is Bitchin !

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