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Hi All

I have just realised that I have a Moroso oil pan looks standard but apparently has 6 quarts volume. Does any one know if these oilpans have any ident number on them visible from outside. I have the car a year now and did an oil change but only filled the standard all out 5 liter. I need to know if I actually need to fill more oil into that pan. sounds stupid but I still discover new things on my car every day.

greats Ulli

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Ford recommended adding 6 qts in the STOCK oil pans. Plus about 1 qt more for all frFordesh oil filters.This was because of the potential for high rpms (above 6000), and the large stock oil pump volume, with poor drainback from the heads & lifter chamber. This is for all THREE stock oil pans- all will starve bearings in sharp turns on a stone stock Pantera.

The stock dipstick is fine, mostly. There was a SMALL run of mis-calibrated Pantera dipsticks done in 1971 when Ford/DeTomaso changed the dipstick from an inaccessible front mounted unit to the extended type with brazed spring- (see TSB listings; all done by an outside contractor for Ford. Length specs are mentioned).  Most have been fixed in the ensuing 50(!) years.

The 3 possible Ford oil pans for ANY Clevelands are:

1- a plain bucket with NO baffles. Most were on non-performance Clevelands and the 351-M

2- a horizontal baffle in the sump around the oil pump pickup- most Panteras got these

3- a horizontal baffle plus a rudimentary crank scraper on the sloping part of a  351-HO and Boss 351 engines. Note- you CANNOT tell the stock pans apart from the outside. If you believe everything you read, Boss and 351-HO pans were (usually) date stamped on the sump side before painting so there hard to see.

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