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Guys I have sold 9193.

I already miss working on the car and the brute force power of that V8. I needed something a bit more civilized so I now have a beautiful 911 4S in the garage. Air bags, sun roof and a cup holder. Everything an older guy needs.

Been fun hanging with you all and a big thank you for the tech help. I was completely amazed by the amount of Pantera knowledge I found here and willingness to help.

Parting wisdom from forty plus years of working on machines.  Keep it simple, clean and lubricated and it will work well.

Be smart and enjoy your machine.


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Nope. That was a big factor in why I decided to let the car go. I worked it from all angles with no success. Out of state registration was the only option which is what the buyer did.  Basically Ca hates all but electric cars. If you could get a car to run on bean sprouts and tofu it would be a big hit here where you can poop in the streets but not drive a hot rod car on them. 


I understand completely.  I'm 67 years old, back in 2013, I was rarely driving my Pantera as it had too many "issues."  And starting it was always a 30 minute ritual.  I bought a 5.0L Jag XKR, pulleyed and tuned it to 600hp.  It was quicker, more nimble, so reliable and comfortable, easier on the track for my "old" body, never "complained" about how hot it was outside, and able to get 25mpg on a trip.  It didn't provide the thrill or wow factor that the Pantera did, but 175,000 miles later, it's still a pleasure to drive.  But what it did (since I really didn't want to get rid of the Pantera) is force me to make my Pantera better, more drivable.  Over a four year span, we redid the whole car.  New 500hp Cleveland, FUEL INJECTION!!! (best thing I ever did), all new leather interior with C-4 Corvette seats, new exhaust and headers, cooling system upgrades, transmission and suspension tweaks, and a new respray, and now I finally enjoy driving the Pantera on weekends because it's finally DRIVEABLE!    The Porsche will give you great pleasure, comfort, reliability, and quickness without the headaches, but you will miss the Pantera with all its faults for the special feeling you get driving it and looking at it.   Have fun!

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I feel for you old guys with your Panteras. And can totally relate!

I'm a lot older than most of you! And now on my 3rd Pantera. I've spent over 40 years loving and working on these cars - and killing my back, neck, knees, shoulders and hands in the process. But there is a workaround.

Every time I had a maintenance job or a repair to make, I made sure that the next time I had to do this it would be easier. It's a little hard to keep them stock this way, but at least every subsequent repair - if needed - would be a lot easier to get to. Relocating parts and/or replacing them with more modern ones, made the life of an old guy and his Pantera lot easier. Even adjusting your glasses or taking them on or off so you see properly when upside down under the dash, or under the car, becomes more of a challenge as you age. Build a few custom tools that make reaching those impossible bolts easier.

Do some research before you start on a project. Get good advice, readily available here on this board, so you can fix each issue once only and the same problems never return.

When I finally finished modifying 9203 I could get in anytime, fire it up with the first turn of the key and head out for a 6 hr ride without worry. I could sit in traffic on the hottest days, with no overheating, comfortable inside with cool AC. The car ran effortlessly and reliably ever time. It never broke down. Ever.

Although those speeding tickets get to be a pain.

I too was tempted to make life easier. I tried Porsches, Lambos, Mercedes, F Cars, Jags, Astons and Vettes - pretty much all the supertype cars that I could afford. But none of them gave me the thrill that the Pantera does. And I would never be able to fix or improve any of them myself without a electronics degree and a testing lab in my garage. So I went back and started over on 3271 to build a newer version of the Pantera. Having spent 6 years on this build, knowing what I know now I probably should have done something else.

But then again, life is all about challenges. And the more difficult they are the more rewarding the journey. Even with all the frustration and disappointment.

So all you old guys out there - there is an alternative. Work out to stay in shape and take Advil. And DRIVE YOUR PANTERA a lot!

The harder you put your foot down, the younger you get.




Nicely said..David.!  we take "stuff" to still enjoy it..besides a towl for the swet.

Punkdog, nice one you got, I live close to Porsche manufacturing. Lately I drove a 911/think 2018 turbo S ..increditable!  A betautiful option but different as you noticed, I might consider one day..or next life.

Matthias from Stuttgart Germany

I purchased # 1791 as a 68th Birthday Present last July

Having owned all manner of Exotics in my Youth ( I never wanted to wait until retirement to enjoy owning a "Dream Car ")

A Pantera was always on the list.

I plan to stay in shape..( 6 ft 222 lbs)  although my wife calls me a " Lard As_" I fit comfortably inside and i'm used to the off center driving position of most mid engine Exotics.

davidb I am with you 100%..

Web 4POs have performed all the upgrades from Pantera Electronics to EFI to Wilwood Superlights.

I was finally able to contact the last owner ( Great Guy and extremely knowledgeable ) who sent me 6 Binders full of notes,receipts and collectibles because the Factory manuals don't apply to all of the Upgrades.

I feel lucky to own this beauty and if staying in Driving Shape is all that is required who am I to stay a " Lard As_"


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Again, If not for Ca smog laws I would still have the car. There is really nothing like it out there with that big V8.

Next one will be a pre 1975 so I can register it. Unless I get chased out of this crazy state.

Two things that get better with age are cars and taking a leak when you have too. And yes, Driving a Porsche is nothing close to the fun factor of a Pantera. Totally different game.

CA has a year cutoff rule (they only update every few years and currently at 1975 or older) where smog is no longer required. NV (Washoe & Clark County's only) is at a fixed 1967 or older, which actually makes it easier to register a Ford era Pantera in CA than NV now!

I'm from NY but retired in " Wacky" GA.

Inside of Atlanta Metro there is emissions inspection Only

No Safety Inspection

( But for Seniors no Inspections required..does that make sense to anyone ? )

Outside of Atlanta there is no Inspection..No Safety or Emission Inspection for any age group which means you can drive on bald tires no bumpers and no brakes and Blue that Wacky or what.

NY requires annual Vehicle Safety and Emission Inspection before you can register.Classics require Safety Inspection Only...I felt safer driving in NYC


@thrillrider posted:

I'm from NY but retired in " Wacky" GA.

Inside of Atlanta Metro there is emissions inspection Only

Outside of Atlanta there is no Inspection..No Safety or Emission Inspection for any age group which means you can drive on bald tires no bumpers and no brakes and Blue that Wacky or what.

Same in NV; Clark County (Las Vega) and Washoe (Reno) smog requirement only, you can drive the 30 miles from Carson City in to Reno everyday and not require anything. The lack of safety inspection means there is some real junk on the road and the number of uninsured motorists is crazy, despite it being mandatory to be able to register your vehicle.

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