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I am reluctantly offering my spectacular goose Frowner

I also just finished assembling a set of original wheels for it (all five, including spare) and I ended up with one extra and hard to find rear. I am trying to recoup some of the ridiculous money I had to spend to acquire the others and for Dunlop racing tires! The REAR wheel is on eBay at the present time.
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Not to bash your car, but for that money, it should be perfect (i.e. paperwork, matching number engine, transaxle, all Mangusta componentry). It should also be restored to as new condition with no resto mods done to it; otherwise you will have to find the right person that wants a car exactly like this one -- many take a long time to sell in other words.

I've been there, done that (i.e. spent a lot of dough on a car, and find out it is not worth what I think it is......). But hey, you never know and I wish you all the best.
Of course, it is the market that will ultimately determine the true value, but at $169K it is the highest asking price I have ever seen for a Goose.

As Mark suggests, unless you find a buyer with exactly the same taste and a large budget, the majority of collectors will be looking for a concourse car, not a modified one. Unlike Panteras where it seems either approach can yield an equal price, the Mangusta market (which I have been following pretty closely now for the last three years) seems to prefer originality over improvement.

Good luck with the sale. It looks like a beautiful car and I certainly would like to see more images and details.

I saw this on Fchat and wondered if that was your car. It is really nice and the price - though other-worldly optimistic - would require headier marketing than a rear shot with wings up, trickle charger trickling, in a garage.

My job is being an overpaid smart-alec marketing consultant, so in respect to you as a car guy, if you want to present 'jewelry' do it in a jewel case. Make the description, the pics, the history MATCH the price. Otherwise, a waste of perfectly good electrons. You and your car deserve better. End of consult.

I do wish you the very best, in earnest hope that Mr or Mrs 'Right' shows up for the car and drives delightedly away, lighter by $169grand.
The age old battle of wanting to customize an already beautiful car to make it unique,yet wanting to somehow preserve its resale value to the masses.You can't do it. ( only George Barris can )Example The previous original owner of my pantera put 225000USD into it and I bought it for less than 40 cents on the dollar in a sale of necessity two years ago.I have inspected Mike's car when I went to Reno and it is incredibly beautiful , well planned , well done, unused, and clearly is not a sale of necessity. He just might find that needle in a haystack buyer.Jerry
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