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No questions or concerns in this posting, just wanted to share.

A friend asked me what was the most different thing about my Longchamp that's now my daily drive, all year. I thought about the white alcantara interior, or the superb handling, the best I've experienced in a sedan. But it's actually something else, which is also the reason I can't let my wife or anybody else drive this car. It's the warning lights...

I'm used to yellow being quite bad, and red means pull over now! Not in the Pantera, and especially not in the Longchamp
-There's no warning light for the most important issue, oil presssure. Check the gauge constantly...
-When I turn on the heater an orange/red light comes on, giving me a small shock the first 50 times
-On the dash there are 6 unmarked (!) warning lights, 4 red, 2 yellow
-2 of the reds are brake and handbrake, makes sense. The handbrake one even flashes, maybe that's because the handbrake pads are so expensive Razzer
-The other 2 reds are for the gas tanks. And since you empty the left one first, due to weight distribution, I have a big red warning light on half of time I drive the car
-The 2 yellows are rear screen heater and emergency flasher

So now I've gotten used to red warning lights, I just ignore them. Peace of mind...
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