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Thanks for the photos.

FYI - Your gas cap wasn't moved, the early cars had them inside.

Your front grill gets a lot of little gravel and rocks hits. If you just rattle can it black, you will have to keep doing it. A good blasting and satin black powder coat paint job will hold up much better. It is a small part and you should easily get it done by a shop for no more than $75.

Also all the Ford cars had no catalytic converters - waaay to early for them, thank goodness.

The Amerisport Panteras put together in the late 80's did have cats, but that is another story.

What is the VIN number? We usually refer to our cars by using the last four numbers.

i didnt know about the catylitic converter but thanks for the info. also ive noticed the vin number thing but i dnt know the exact vin. my parents are divorced and i spend one week at my moms and the next at my dads so rite now i cant go check car for the vin. i know its somewhere in the 1500's tho. also the gas cap is a funny story according to the guy my dad bought it from. according to him, the guy the he bought it from moved the cap to the outside for convinience but when he bought it he decided to move it back to the inside. we dont know if thats true or not but thats the story he gave my dad. ill go clarify that rite now

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