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Nice job, the car looks great. Gary Hall has got one in that colour that has done 300,000 miles.
I have got a period chrome radio (that doesn't actually work) in the centre console. I really like it on it's side, it's exotic.
I removed my glove box and have a CD player in it's place that is out of sight until I pull a little chrome lever and it pops down. It hinges on the same brackets that the glove box did.
It has a remote control, but is hard to change CD's if driving alone. I intend to get an IPOD solely for the Pantera.

I really like it on it's side, it's exotic.

Me too, I have a Kenwood KDC-X689 that works perfectly on it's side, includes remote. I just use it as a single CD, but it can be hooked up to a remote mounted CD changer too. It has a flip front and when closed has a chrome style adhesive Pantera radio delete plate emblem on it.

BTW, the restoration looks great, that blue really 'grabs' you!


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