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Can anybody help me identify this Canadian GT5? It was photographed at the Three Hills Show & Shine in Alberta some time ago. I have been told that the owners name may be Roger, and that he may have moved to Kelowna, BC. Any help would be appreciated because I would like to track down all of the John Scotti GT5s, and I suspect this may be one of them.



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Originally posted by Ted #9494:
I believe this car was sold by ZF(?)in Calgary. If so the story is that it was origanaly sold in Milan went to Dubai and then imported into Canada.


I think you may be referring to my car, #9517. I have attached below an old photo of my car that was taken by the previous owner in Dubai. I purchased it from ZR Auto in Calgary in 2003, and ZR had imported it from Dubai. I had not heard the part about it having been originally sold in Milan, so if you could confirm for me where you got that information, I would be in your debt.

By the way, you may be interested to know there are two guys with Panteras in Edmonton, and that my car also seems to spend most of its time there. Do you have a Pantera or are you just interested? Either way, if you want to talk some more, PM me. I'm always happy to talk to someone from my home town.

- Peter


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#9494 is the gorgeous and immaculate 1989 Amerisport that belonged to Roger Guts Gossett of Jupiter, Florida. It's one of only three or four Panteras to receive the 90Si style front and back end treatments that Kirk Evans had come up with just before Amerisport importation and assembly stopped. It's a very special car that was cared for by a knowledgeable enthusiast.

Congratulations, Ted. You have bought yourself a truly noteworthy Pantera. I can't wait to see it.

I'm in Edmonton now, and will be around for a few days. Then I'll be back again around August 23rd to pick up my GT5 from the shop where it is getting the air dam repainted. It would be great to hook up, if you're interested. I can also connect you to a couple of very informed Pantera owners in Edmonton. Give me a call at (250) 264-2647, or e-mail me at phavlik [at]


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