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Does anyone know what the two wires that come out under each front fender  just behind the sock absorbers are supposed to be for ? The side lights are fully wired. These are in the harness and they have tie back on the inner fender. They have never been connected and I cannot see what the function would be from the wiring diagram?

Under fender wire 1Under fender wire 2


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...Yes! There were Original Pads with a Connection on the back of the 'Inside' Pad. There were pins in the composite that, when the pad became worn-out, would GROUND the wire to the Rotor...the Light comes ON.

One Point, not many know of...For the Light to Ground-Out through the Rotor, the 12+ Volts MUST pass through the BEARINGS, Not good. The Pads may never wear that Close, but, be Aware.

I think those pads, with connections, are No longer available. The Wires and Indicator Light 'Could' be used for another purpose. Say, to Indicate the Secured Position of a Front 'Raiseable' Spoiler.


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