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Amongst the 10 gauges I got in a parts collection I purchased are these two Veglia gauges. The fuel gauge does have a low fuel light.
Are these perhaps correct for any of the non-Ford cars?  
Anyone know if they are correct for some other Italian car?

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Probably from 70's Fiat 124. The 'rare" Veglia gauges were used on Ferrari, Maserati, and even Jaguar (into the 80's, maybe)-- but mostly on Fiat. The first sorting on application is "up or down" (and DeT was "up", meaning the pointer swung between 10:00 to 2:00, and the printing is below the needle===and the ones here point down, between 7:00 to 4:00, with dial printing above the needle). Ferrari used "down". Next clue is the print on the dial, esp dual language translation, a 70's thing...and at least I see the Fiat 124 with the same...  . These are often available used in boxes of 10 , good news they are the only source for the correct, ~3mm thin "half-V" bezels (repros are all for a ~5mm thick Smiths, and the Chrome repros advertised for Fiat 124 etc are made of thicker steel and can NOT be crimped back on the can).

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