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looks nice Dave but appears that you are set for #6/#5 induction misfire? 6 & 5 originate from adjacent positions and most guys run them parellel to the plugs... unfortunately the best quality brand new perfect condition plug wires can & will induce a current that will cause #5 to fire at the same time as #6, igniting the uncompressed intake charge in the #5 cylinder

easy fix is to route #6 around the back side of the cap to join the top side of the plug wire harness, and route the #5 wire to the bottom side of the harness with the #7 & #8 wires separating them

definately not feng shui but you might pick up a cylinder that wasn't doin doodle due to induction misfire
dave, I like the wrinkle finish. Those wires are camouflaged for sure.

LarryW, Geoshanna, and I all did it this way with the summit racing 8mm blue wires and rm specialties looms. Ours showcases the wires.

that's George's car, from a previous post he made. His is a lot more tidy than mine. I hope to catch up soon.
Originally posted by JFFR:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Steeler:
Hi - Anyone got a photo of neat plug wires setup on a Cleveland? looking to smarten mine up a bit.
Thanks (in advance) Terry Wink

This seems to be the way some people are routing their plug wires. This engine looks a little strange with a carb and fuel rails, but the carb is now off and the fuel injection installed.

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