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Hi all I have really enjoyed this forum and all the information that everybody is so awesome about sharing. I just got done restoring my late model White 1972 and I absolutely love it.
I wanted to contribute to the forum that has helped me so I will try to post some more helpful info/stuff ASAP.
I recently tried to purchase a filler neck from Hall and figured out that it was not the correct angle(there are 2 I guess?). I had a buddy CNC the flange needed and weld it to a 1947 GMC pickup filler neck. It fits perfect!

Does anyone need one? I don’t have an exact price they cost to make bc I’m not welding them and powder coating, but I will soon! CheersB3145300-AFDC-4005-BBDD-57477D9A504349650DAE-8073-4C6E-BB5A-E855588B7F797F3C4AD4-B233-40F6-8B66-1EF1F8944D281C921C2E-5B77-4444-9474-910B1EB91D860DF29316-4B8E-44C7-AA63-D4F6907C64E9CC2EDC1B-7D7B-4EBA-8291-1B143AEC9E07


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Very nice. 👍👍

I’ve come across those early Chevy fuel necks before and I thought they might be adaptable to our cars. Nice to see someone with a skill set made it happen.

Owners have bonded together in the past to do group buys of many different items. This seems like something that would gather enough prospective buyers to make a small production run worthwhile.

how about getting together with your fabricator and figuring out at least a ballpark price for it?

if you can establish a price with say,  a $20 variable range, that should give potential buyers enough information to determine if the price is reasonable enough for them to join in a group buy.

I don’t know if you are active on the DeTomaso email list, but I would be happy to post your product there if this comes to fruition


@marlinjack posted:

...Just curious...Why didn't You go for the 'Exterior' Filler Cap? Keeping the Pantera Original?


Well... I tried to locate the parts, but couldn't. The other part was keeping it original too...

I just looked up that Wilkinson wants $620 for the Ornament external fuel filler, and that is just the external portion. There are other related parts needed for that job that could be fabricated, but seemed like too much work for what it was.

Yup, converting to the OEM outside filler is a difficult and expensive task.

in addition to the outside “gill” and access door, one will also have to source a new gas tank outlet, hose, gas cap outlet and the correct left hand engine cover piece.

Perhaps most difficult is the stamped sheet metal piece that attaches to the Gil area and provides an overflow hose exit.  


Mike Mayberry has advertised that sheet metal piece in the past and it alone is in the neighborhood of $250, IIRC.

not an impossible task, but just finding all the pieces is a challenge, not to mention their cost.



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...The white Pantera is My car. I also Machined the Gill to Except the Aero Cap for Santiogos' (red) Pantera. With the Funnel Inlet there is No Need for a Drain. Two Filler Caps for My Pantera, the Right side is for the Reserve Tank.

You don't want these for Originality. So, you're all set-up.




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The aero cap is a somewhat common upgrade as they fit right in the later style side gill hole once you remover the opener flap. If you have an older style solid gill then sounds like Marlin can machine the hole you need. I always understood on the early cars a hole also needs to be cut into the rear fender panel.

One source for the caps

Ready to go! Flanges are $25+shipping each(that's cost). The necks are whatever they cost online when I get an interest. If you want one that is an exact replica of mine, I can do that, but the best way is to have me ship you the 2 parts, mark it up where the weld line would be, and then send it back to me or have a local guy weld it.


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