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The light blue wire seems to be the resistance wire coming from the ignition switch.  It has a square lug that likely secures it to the + side of the coil.  There is a red and orange wire on the same lug and I don't know what they are for.  Nor do I know  what the pair of blue wires with the rubber boot are intended for.


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I am trying to button up the engine bay wiring.  The car runs great but I am using a hot wire to bypass the above.  The light blue wire is probably unusable because it is resistance wire for breaker points and I plan to run a new wire from the ignition switch for the electronic distributor.  I don't know the purpose of the red and orange wires and can't tell yet if they are factory.  The pair of blue wires with the boot seem to be factory.

What type of electronic distributor are you using?

A Duraspark requires a signal from the orange wire to retard the timing for easier starting.

The existing blue resistance wire can be used to trigger a relay to feed your electronic box and take a little load off your ignition switch contacts.

Georges Duraspark schematics show how.

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