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The new shocks are installed on the front and fit GREAT!

Added 14" Vented Rotors with 6 piston Wilwood Calipers. A friend of mine commented that I should be careful not to hit the brakes to hard for fear of flipping the car over. lol...

Upgrading the rears next.

They are a bit bigger then the stock brakes.

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So what hats and rotors are those?

The Hats are the Big Brake - Short Offset Hat made by Wilwood. They have the 12 x 8.75 bolt circle. The rotors are the Wilwood 14" x 1.1" SRP Drilled & Slotted Rotors. Once I break them in the surface will be silver and the slots and holes will retain the black color which should give a very nice contrast.
what kind of shock do you mount? what is the spring rate?

Here is in info on the shocks that I will be selling very shortly.

Made in the USA by RideTech also known for their outstanding Air Ride suspension products. This shock was produced via a joint effort between Fox Shocks and RideTech.

3 Flavors available...

>NON-ADJUSTABLE - Fixed valving calibrated for ride quality... Install it and forget it!
>SINGLE-ADJUSTABLE - Rebound adjustable valving allows adjustment and tuning for ride quality and handling performance
>ELECTRONIC-ADJUSTABLE - Electronically selectable valving allows you to choose soft cruise mode or firmer sport mode... at the push of a button!

> Easy access adjuster knob allows a wide range of 26 clicks of rebound adjustment (adjustable rebound shocks)
> Large rubber external bump-stop to prevent harsh bottoming out
> Billet end cap with integrated debris wiper to prevent seal damage
> Oversized rod guide improves piston rod stability
> Integral internal bump-stop eliminates extension crashing
> Hard coat external anodizing ensures years of lasting beauty and performance
> Specially contoured composite gas separator cup optimizes dead length and ensures proper nitrogen/oil separation
> Monotube design allows large piston for superior oil control – increases ride quality and handling performance
> Monotube design not only optimizes performance, but uses fewer components than a twin tube design. This is superior fluid control in its most simple and efficient form!
> Teflon piston wiper and progressive valving allow consistent piston/bore contact and repeatable performance
> Monotube bore is cathode anodized for years of wear resistance
> Forged aluminum coilspring adjuster allows easy adjustment and simple locking mechanism without damaging the shock body
> Upper and lower spring mounts allow spring removal without complete disassembly. No spring compressor required to change springs
> One piece IMPACT FORGED body allows efficient manufacture and reliable leak-free operation
> Long lasting Kevlar lined bearings allow wide articulation and low noise
> Complete shock and spring weighs ~7 pounds. Stock rear Pantera shocks weigh ~17 pounds, fronts ~14 pounds. Total weight savings, 34 pounds!


Coil Springs come in a variety of spring rates ranging from 125 to 600 lbs/in

Material: Hypercoils are manufactured from high tensile chrome silicon steel…the highest grade available anywhere in the world.
Design: The high tensile wire used in Hypercoils allows lighter weight and additional travel before the coils bind.
Inspection: Hypercoils undergo 2 separate magnaflux inspections to eliminate surface imperfections which could lead to early failure.
Manufacturing: The unique combination of state-of-the-art CNC equipment and small town craftsmen who truly care about the product they are producing make Hypercoils the finest coilsprings available anywhere in the world.

Suggested Retail for the Non-Adjustable version is $275.00 each($200 for shock, $75 for spring). Suggested Retail for the Single-Adjustable version is $325.00 each($250 for shock, $75 for spring). Suggested Retail for the Electronically Controlled version is $550.00 each($475 for shock, $75 for springs). The Electronically controlled version also requires 1 shock controller worth $100.00.

My pricing will be available very soon.

I may also provide a service where I can send multiple springs to a customer if they want to “play”. They would be charged for the springs but would receive a full refund once the springs are returned.

For those that want plug and play I will simply set them up for a stock Pantera using the same spring rates as the original shocks.

I started out with 550 on the rear and 450 on the front. I think I will take the 450's and put them on the back and put 350's on the front.

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...Nice Hardware! But, You have the Rotor Mounted on the Wrong Side of the Car. The 'Vanes' are Designed to 'Sweep' OutWard, in Forward Motion! NOT InWard...

Hi Marlin,

Man, you scared me... I had to go out and double check everything!

Yes, they are directional. In fact, they have an arrow on them indicating the side AND they have a part number with a description saying right or left. So I am guessing I have them on the correct side. Or Wilwood made a BIG mistake... Smiler

They pickup air from the inside of the rotor and throw it outward. The vanes run in the opposite direction from the cross drilled holes and slots...

Take care, Scott
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Not sure if you could mount them inverted.

The shock number is Shockwave #21150801

14.5" ride height

11.56 - 16.66" range

The 801 series has a 1200lb load capacity but that does not correspond to spring rate. They do have some shocks with adjustable spring rates but I think that are a larger shock (and far more expensive).

This shock was generally designed for the rear suspension but since these are mid engine light cars they work well up front of the Pantera. It is also a pretty much direct replacement meaning no modifications required. The hole is 5/8 with a 1/2 insert so either can be used.

I am only putting these on the front. I am only using these because I have a hand built aluminum air dam which sits low.

The guy at Ride Tech who is specifically familiar with the Pantera's is Toney Bicknel

Toney helped Hall set up his with the same set up.
Hey Mark, I just got your PM,

Our post are overlapping a bit.

I don't know about the rear set up. I know Tony has generally handled the Pantera questions. If you email him he has been very very good about helping with questions.

To be honest I can not tell you about ride yet; and it may be a while.

To operate these, ride height is set on air pressure. Control set ups can be simple to complex. If you are not making changes as you drive a very small tank and small air compressor is all that is needed. They are generally tweaked by a gauge with electric valves and a simple set up for just the fronts is about $800. I think with what we are doing simple is fine.

On the other end, some shocks they are working on have feedback showing their position which regulate height. This is specifically for cornering to keep the car level.

Keep in mind I am a new be with air ride stuff so what I say about it is not complete gospel. I will be a lot more savoy when I get some time on the set up.

As a side note, I know another local fab company who does air bags and they showed me a play toy they were working on. It is a frame with an engine their products and a 300psi gatlon gun which fires golf balls!!! Holley mother of.......

Yes, I do need some help to know what will fit in the rear of the car as far as a stock Pantera suspension setup. I cannot remember if I spoke to Tony or not, but I know he was looking for the correct ride height as well as travel and physical diameter of what would fit in the rear of the car. If you would be willing to get that to me I can compare to mine to see if it makes sense.

I think the trick is the rear. All of the weight is there and there is limited space for the larger air shock. Do you have the steel or aluminum a-arms on your car? I have aluminum ones on my car, but I have been told that they are the same dimensionally as the steel ones, at least where the coil over shocks go. It would be good to compare notes on that one.

Holy Moses, is that ever a large gun! Very funny. Hate to see the faces of the golfers when you come at them with this thing!


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