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I'm a big fan of the EZ-EFI throttle body fuel injection system from FAST. Makes the Cleveland start cold and run smooth, have instant throttle response, AND have 1000 CFM flow potential. "Jet" changes are a mere push of a few buttons.

Now they have announced an upgrade from an already great system. The new version has a new look, timing control and "dashboard" style handheld. Me want! Damn you FAST! Big Grin

Rumor has it, it will be available in January.
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Originally posted by Corey Price:
I want this...

No, You NEED this! Big Grin (everyone does)

Seriously, I see threads about owners who wrestle with carburetion problems: What carb can give good driveability, most power. Too big? Too small? How about the best of both?

A modest investment in hardware and time will pay for itself in driving pleasure ( Fahrvergnügen !)

Tuning is as easy as posting an objection to my recommendation! Wink
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