Thanks for the comments! I will try to have it all done by spring time!
Its one year later than planned but i had so much work last year, And i have made a lot of things much more complex than i had planned in the beginning Smiler
Its going to be interesting to see how different it is from my other Pantera

WOW, I do like the way you reversed the engine management components/compartment to the front. Very clever and so much better for access. Maybe others have done it, but I hadn't seen it before. That's a winter project idea. I hope you don't mind being copied. 

Hi Tom

Reason i put pictures  of my build here is just for that ! To help other with there projects.  Always when i plan some idea i scroll thru the post here to look for some good solutions. And  the other thing , if something is not right i hope somebody tells me that!

You have to share info on forums like this to make them useful for all.

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