Hey Kim - for sure this will work ! Everything what you did before works great. So why should this fail ???

I am really curious if you will bring this unique beauty on the street...someday

Thanks for the comments! I will try to have it all done by spring time!
Its one year later than planned but i had so much work last year, And i have made a lot of things much more complex than i had planned in the beginning Smiler
Its going to be interesting to see how different it is from my other Pantera

WOW, I do like the way you reversed the engine management components/compartment to the front. Very clever and so much better for access. Maybe others have done it, but I hadn't seen it before. That's a winter project idea. I hope you don't mind being copied. 

Hi Tom

Reason i put pictures  of my build here is just for that ! To help other with there projects.  Always when i plan some idea i scroll thru the post here to look for some good solutions. And  the other thing , if something is not right i hope somebody tells me that!

You have to share info on forums like this to make them useful for all.

Great work, Kim!

(Oops!  Sorry about my confusion. You guys do such awesome work out there it’s hard to believe there so many great projects going on. )



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Outstanding Kim... Are you really willing to drive this beauty on the streets when it's ready for road? 

Regards Marc 


It appears you follow the same method I do. The project isn't done until every tool you have in your toolbox has been removed.

Its ok thanks Rocky

Marcf thanks! Yes i am going to use it for street and track its made to be driven!

Husker yes and some new tools are always nice

FWIW, the former president of the German Pantera Club had a BMW V-8 in his Pantera, back in the '80s. It may have been carbureted; he's passed on now.

Here are a few videos...

That's a lovely sound, almost as sweet as the Cleveland Symphony! 

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