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IMG-20190202-WA0000Resized_20190124_165331I had some trouble to get the tachometer to work ! I thought it was the new engine management system that talked a different language than the tach but then i gave it to a friend that is a guru on electronics to test it! and he found this!!!? But he said its no problem to fix it   It must have been a lot of smoke and smell when that happened !


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Now i got the tachometer fixed!  But the needle still did not move! So here is a clever solution i got from the guy that sold me the engine management system that i think will work on other systems to and perhaps on the Msd.

It is just a ordinary relay with a small fix! You just put it in parallel between the +12v cable and the signal cable to tach

20190221_120724   The pieces on the paper i removed from the relay other wise they move every time with the spark signal  and are noisy!

+12v cable to tach is first connected to number 86 on relay and then to tach.

Signal cable to tach is first connected to number 85 on relay and then to tach.

It is a very simple way to get an volt peak to get the tach needle to trigger!

I think the Msd box for tach is just the same in a nicer package



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Okay now this build tread has reach the end

The car is now completed and i got it registered last Friday and on Sunday me and my son was on the first road trip thru the archipelago here in western Finland!

 I have from the start with this project  tried to get the car as modern and comfortable to drive as possible and it came out better than i could expect!

My other Pantera is much more original in many ways but with much stronger engine and it is very brutal to drive but i really like it

But this new one i am going to use on all longer trips ! The brakes and overall handling and quietness inside is almost like a brand new car!

Here is picture from first trip




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