Really like your roof panel. Have wondered why some of the customizers haven't gone this route before.
Gary Hall used to offer a fiberglas or blow-molded plastic overhead console for switches, etc. Call Tara- they might still have some. The wiring was all concealed in one of the stock a-pillar covers as I did with our hard-wired radar detector above the stock mirror.

I made a special tool to make a bead at the end of the pipe so the hose stay in place.



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I think you need those tanks higher, the air will not evacuate from the system if the tanks are not higher that the radiators height.
The bottom of swirl tank is 4,7 inch higher than top of radiator and top of swirl tank is 2,5 inch higher than engine heads !
So i think it should work fine!?
Its good that you boys comment those kind of things !
Some times i do really stupid things when i don't think it thru Smiler
Actually, if you were going to have the swirl tank under suction (as well as the radiator), as recommended by Carroll Smith - I would think they would still auto-bleed.

As you probably know, the bottom of the expansion tank is "sucked" by the water pump, and the swirl, radiator and head bleeds (if you have them) go to the top of the expansion tank. George has a good diagram on his cooling system sticky.

If the expansion tank top was lower than the radiator, though - I would guess you would figure it our pretty quick!

Here's the picture...


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That was a good picture! The BMW engine have cooling system just like that . So i think this will work just fine.
Absolutely incredible job!

I think I'll copy your project a little bit and make my front bumperpieces of aluminium. I haven't got the originals so I can make my own kind...

I have to see your car someday in real life.
Thank you Camo.
If you need some more pictures of the bumpers let me know! Have you taken yours out on the road yet?
No, not this summer. Selling and buying a new apartment has taken my garagetime from this spring. Well, hopefully the summer is productive and manage to do every major things with the car.
Okay every one
I have a question. If i connect the radiator air bleed with a small hose to the suction tube to waterpump i get the air build up out of radiator!

Yes some water is going only trough half of radiator but if i use a very small hose it is a minimal amount.

And the air is going trough engine before overflow tank, But it has to be very little air or there are some other problem with cooling system so it should not be a concern.

The right way is to direct it to overflow tank! But i have little to no room in front of engine, and therefore i think this should work pretty good! Or??


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