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For all you folks that are not POCA members, here is what the membership received yesterday.  

Hello fellow DeTomaso enthusiast

POCA along with other DeTomaso clubs from around the world is embarking on an effort to create a registry of all DeTomaso vehicles.  While there have been previous registries created by individuals, this is the first time a DeTomaso club has done so.  By having the clubs gather and store the registry data, it will be available indefinitely.  The registry data will be posted on the POCA web available to all owners.  No personal information will be included in the registry.

To collect the information on your DeTomaso vehicle we are sending out a data collection form in an excel file for you to enter your vehicle data and return the electronic form to Scott Martin, POCA President,  We are starting the data gathering with the Pantera and later in the year will create an additional form for the remaining DeTomaso models.  The forms are very detailed to better document differences in the cars.  If you don’t know the answer to a question leave it blank.  The blank form for the Pantera and eventually the other DeTomaso models will be available on the POCA web at

Having a comprehensive vehicle registry will benefit the marque, the clubs and the owners, this is something that DeTomaso is presently lacking.  I encourage all owners to complete the form for their car(s), please complete for cars you owned in the past.  Please forward a blank form to other owners (and former owners) you know to ensure that all owners take this opportunity to contribute to this invaluable resource.


Scott Martin

POCA President

Daytona Beach, Florida


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