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Roland Jaeckel (DeTomaso Parts Center Europe) is offering "new" manufacture steering racks. These are not re manufactures or the late TRW units, but a new manufacturer in Germany. Cost $450. + shipping.

My question is other than a new right side bushing and boots. Is there any other components that justify the price of a new rack ? Or should I just buy a new bushing and boots for my OEM steering rack ?
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You have to take the rack apart and inspect the gears .. mine the long rack gear was damaged due to severe pitting from a long time in water. I also replaced the little roller bearing with a sealed roller bearings instead of a bushing.

A new rack is what I seek .. the problem is to ship from europe is very expensive. It cheaper and easier to deal with the vendors in the USA.

I would say that is a very good deal. Dont the American vendors charge something like $850 for a new rack? I recently paid $700 for the last brand new right hand drive rack.
Before bolting it to the car I installed the obligatory bronze bush and redesigned the tie rod cups so that they are adjustable (no unpeening) without taking the rack out of the car.
If a car doesn't have nice steering, it spoils everything that follows.

Roland, can you offer a new right hand drive rack?

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