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Its a cool video...but somehow, I just cannot make the connection that the DeTomaso of today is remotely the same as it was in the 1960s...Yeah, hard as a car guy not to dream of a P72, but somehow I get the sense (from Wellis) that Aunt Isabelle was nearly turning the wrenches and creating a sport car, not creating a brand of jewelry.  The number of expensive boutique autos just seem a bit saturated, as if its just not that difficult to make a supercar these days...

Great book is "Inside Ferrari", when panels were made from stolen street signs and beaten on a stump, and the guys painting the cars were not even wearing masks. Maybe I'm too old to find romance in something so young Lee

I thought it was a cool video, especially having seen all those cars in the flesh at LeMans Classic.  Thanks for posting, Larry.

Certainly the new DeTomaso guys are riding on the coattails of what DeTomaso once was.  And I’m certainly glad the video didn’t focus on the P72's gangsta’ interiors!

Nevertheless - It was cool to see ALL those cars (new and old) in the paddock, and on the track!

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