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We had a nice drive with the Cobra Club in Tucson.  John M (of the Michigan Pantera Club) came down, unfortunately his Pantera is still up North, but he showed the flag with his Ford GT-350. 

The Yellow Cobra has a supercharged 351C.

Fun times, and an amazing sight in "Wayne's Toys" automotive museum...  Another yellow Pantera (about 300 S/Ns earlier than mine)!

IMG_0142 [Large)IMG_0147 [Large)IMG_0150 [Large)IMG_0151 [Large)

IMG_0145 [Large)




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Looks like fun way to start the year.  Last Sunday, I met up with a group called Malibu Autobahn.  We (about 200 cars) met in a shopping center in Agoura for two hours, then took back roads through Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and Camarillo out to Pacific Coast Highway and then back to Malibu.  There were at least a dozen Lambos and that many McLarens, a couple of Ferraris, Corvettes, F-types, GTRs, lots of Bimmers and Mercedes, and one very ugly looking new Supra.   It really represented the first time I've opened my cat up to some high speed acceleration runs as well as run it through the twisties since I got it back from its restoration/modification about a year ago. This was followed by a follow up meet at a parking lot at Zuma Beach.  Lunch followed at Paradise Cove Cafe on the sand and then an uneventful trip  back over the mountains to the San Fernando Valley.  It was probably the most fun ride I've had with my Pantera in 18 years of ownership.  Can't wait for January's drive.  Happy New Year!


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