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My 1974 Pantera was fully operational, everything worked, until the hazard switch stuck open.  I replaced it with a new old stock switch, carefully following the connector diagrams, etc., got it all back together and it worked correctly.  Then took  the car for a 10 minute drive.  I parked it in the driveway just to vacuum out the interior floor, then was going to put in the garage.  I twisted the key and nothing happened.  No power to dash, no noise from engine bay, nothing.  I thought maybe the battery was weak so gave it a full charge via battery tender.  Tried to start again and nothing.  Any advice on the problem or the cure is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Take a voltmeter and take a reading of the battery if you haven’t already.

If you want to bypass a questionable battery get a second vehicle and run jumper cables. Batteries do just sometimes decide to die.

battery is your first step. If you can confirm you definitely have cranking power available then I would look at your ignition switch wiring and check for any wires you may have loosened while replacing the flasher switch


thanks for all the feedback.  I think you guys are on the right track with the ignition switch/wiring. 

rrs1 you're right, it was not easy getting everything snug with the switch and something there may have blown fuse to ignition.  I will check that. 

Steve, I will also check out the battery cable ground.

Appreciate all your help and will post the outcome. 

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