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Hi all!,

I got my Deauville back from the paintshop two weeks ago so now the time has come to put it back together. Off course this is where you run into all the gremlins.
Here's the first one.
On the steeringcolum stalk I can't get any live in the direction indicators. There is the occasional click from under the rightside of the dash when I use the colum stalk.
On the bright side, all the indicators work when I turn the hazardswitch on!
There's probably more that I will be trowing at you guys but I thought I'd start off with this one.
Preciate all the help!
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Well you know the wiring and lamps are OK. Since the hazzard lights are intended to work when the car is not being driven they are powered all the time; by the same token, the turn indicators only operate with the ignition switch on and feed through a different fuse. I would start at the fuse and check for power on both ends of the fuse.
My mechanic happend to have a brand new stalk! If I remember correctly, the button at the end of it is the flasher for the high beams in the Longchamp. My mechanic tells me that in Ford/Lincoln applications it controls the cruise control.
How does the cruise control work in a carburated car? Would it be difficult to set it up in to my Longchamp? I´m sure I could learn to live with foot operated flasher, if the cruise would save me from a ticket.

P.s. Sorry for being so clueless..
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