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Hi. I have finally gotten around to changing my clutch m/c. I bought a m/c from PIM last year but realized the m/c is for a car with the clutch reduction mechanism. After reviewing some posts here I swapped out the long pushrod from my old m/c to the new unit. 

Two questions:

1) The old m/c had a long spring which the pushrod sits in outside the m/c unit. Any idea what the purpose of this is? It definitely seems to make the clutch effort stiffer. Could it be to stabilize the longer pushrod? I have a attached a pic of the new m/c with the old pushrod and spring swapped over. 

2) Are the dust boots for the longer pushrods still unavailable? Any leads on a solution? I will try PIM tomorrow but didn’t know if there was a NAPA replacement. 




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I spoke with PIM and they recommended deleting the long spring around the pushrod, and re-using the smaller new boot that came with their m/c. 

I did find some Alfa 115 m/c rebuild kits on eBay from an Alfa store that looked like they had a long enough dust boot to cover the long spring but a little pricey at $45, for what it is. 

Still curious if anyone knows what the purpose of the long spring is on the m/c if anyone knows. 



I know this is an old post but I just went through this same exercise yesterday. Same deteriorated boot, same spring on rod, etc.

The only purpose I can see for the spring is to return the pedal. The car I was working on did not have the coiled spring at the top of the pedal like later cars have.

To install the longer rod we had to do a slight amount of grinding on the retaining washer and the spring seat to get them to fit into the new master. The spring is captured on the rod and the only way to remove it is to mangle it off.

Installed without boot but I do not see any issue with that.

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