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Need funds for new shop permit hurdles....!!!    2/18/21 Updated  Sold items removed.

Posted Used parts list separately.  A few of these items are spoken for, so contact me for particulars via email please (steven.liebenow AT

As always first come first served.

Some are new from factory, some are new from various......

Mangusta only shifter handle/arm

Aluminum Frame to Engine Mounts- 1 pair

SOLD  Lucas Turn Signal Switch- round stalk, long-push button horn, pull or push high beam activation.

Bellhousing assembly- later 302 engine- "Star Trek" version!

LH Carello tail lamp assembly- out of box

Bi-Color tail light lenses- R & L, not Carello marked

LH Carello Front turn signal assy (2).  One Clear lens for Euro models, and one Amber for US versions.  NOS or VERY GOOD CONDITION Used.

Low Beam Carello Headlight lamps (I think with bulbs, but not certain- JOD marked. Still in Carello boxes.

VDO ZF Speedometer Adapter- 1:1 ratio, spade drive

Various front turn lenses, some NOS old, some NOS newer (marked DOT)  Some clear, some amber.

Rear tail lamp bezels Red only    (Had three more but I think earthquake killed them a few years back, chipped corners.....

Clutch Master Cylinder Kits- Various  Raybestos & Lockheed.     3 left

U-joints, 1 set of 4 Ford boxed stock 4.2" x 4.2".

Not on list previously:

BOSCH Voltage Regulator 0-190-600-016

Brake and Clutch Hoses (5) New reproduction clear with braided lines and copper gaskets.

Front radiator pipe set- reproduction new. Gold anodized.

Thanks for looking!

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