Seems my willingness to buy stuff on E-bay is pushing my ability to collect it all.
Couple weeks ago I decided I needed to buy a car trailer and something to haul it with. My 98 Merc sable was not up to that task. I bought the trailer local and found myself scrolling through e-bays list of used Chevy Suburbans. I bought a 2003 in Rochester NY. I gave the listing to the transport broker and waited 3 weeks. They could not find a trucker to pick it up due to the size of the vehicle and the funds being offered.
Meanwhile, I got a call from a friend in North Carolina asking if I wanted to buy his Pantera, a 72 wide body conversion.
So I decided it was time for a Road trip.
Friday I flew up to Rochester NY, picked up the Suburban, drove it to North Carolina and rented a U-haul trailer (stinks to have to rent one after just buying a trailer) and hauled the pantera back to south west Florida. One note, if you should ever need to use a U-haul trailer, once you load the car on the trailer you can not open the car door. That leaves up for a window exit. If you are a big guy like me, that makes for a pretty funny sight to see. Once you do get out the window, then you have to hope you don't hit rain on the way home as you can not get the window closed. Getting back in the car was almost as fun.
Must say, being stuck here in Florida so long, I almost forgot how beautiful the north is this time of year. First time I have seen a real tree in a long while.
Happy to say the Suburban handled the haul with relitive ease, no traffic jams, break downs or flats on this trip. Pretty happy with both the Suburban and the Pantera. I must confess to being a bit tired when I got in this morning at 2am. 1,600 miles on 2 hours sleep (I got to the u-haul place 2 hours before they opened)
There were more people hanging out their car taking pictures of the pantera, giving the thumbs up and comments of how cool the pantera looks, than I would have ever imagined. I would pull in to get gas and draw a crowd at every station.
What truly AWESOME cars we have!!


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Hi George

You know how it is, ya can't have just 1......
or 2.......or 3

It is a sickness, not sure what it is called. I know what my wife calls it - me - but we won't go there.

I think I am up around 14 cars, most needing restored, but there is always room at the inn for another pantera
"Fenders Hinged"
That would have been nice to know before I spent the hour providing a freak show climbing out the window.
Wish the u-haul rep would have mentioned it. They were probably filming me behind a shrub or something

Sharp looking car. Bet that got some attention.
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