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That yellow car belonging to a gentleman named Gordon and my car were parked together in the pavilion called Grand Avenue (I think).  We had pulled in to the driveway quite coincidentally at the same time.  I followed him in as there were no identifying signs for the show.  Once inside were were in a very long line of cars just sitting and idling.  After about 10-15 minutes, we were instructed to start a new line where we were the first two cars.  A few minutes later, a woman who apparently was one of the organizers came up to Gordon and me and said those are beautiful and interesting cars, we're going to move you inside to one of the covered pavilions.  We were thrilled to not have to sit out in the sun and to be put next to some spectacular automobiles.  Of course, ours were the best.




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  • DSCF8957: Gordon's car
  • DSCF8992: My car
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