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I have Custom Machined these in the Past, as a 'Special' Order; and Now offer them to All Owners of -1 ZF Transaxles!
These fit the Crankshaft Pocket of Clevelands And Windsors. The 'Adaptor' is eliminated with this Bearing Machined as One Piece!

The Original Adaptor is Machined from Steel, with the Bearing being No More than a 'Thin Insert'. There is a reason for this!
As There is a Danger of these Bearings being SO SLICK; they may come out of the Crankshaft! That is the reason I Machine Them to a .0045" 'Interference Fit'! They Must be 'Hammered-In' to Stay In!

Therefore! The Following Is NOT Recommended!!

1. The 'Slamming' of gearshifts as in 'SpeedShifting'!!
2. HIGH RPM Shifts above 6000 RPM!!

Oilite Bronze is NONmagnetic and 'Self-Lubricating'! Machined to 'Zero Error Concentricity'!!

The Cost is $165.00 USD Shipping Anywhere in the World is $10.00 USD

This One Ships to a Gentleman in Denmark!



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