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When I got this car (in France), it was sort of a sleeper with low miles, "all" original (mostly) and running like crap. So I took the risk that I could sort out the motor as the rest was excellent and I  bought it. Fun discoveries were that it had a Hall super thick radiator and their 9 blade cooling fans. It also has someones excellent ceramic coated headers and decent but loud  Ansa "silencers".  So I pulled the exhaust, rebuilt it with new hangers/gaskets, (confusing leaking noises) did a normal tune up and finally put a vacuum gauge to the carb. base and found  "super low" vacuum.  I advanced the distributor 25° and have a great running engine.  I advanced even more until stumble and backed off to around 25° at idle. The pointer is probably off or the balancer twisted worn out on the crank. As this car was last serviced before buying by a reputable shop, they also decided to put in the distributor in the wrong position and got the electronic module wrong and unnecessary ballast on the uprated coil.  All is fine now on new Tires.  


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The stock balancers on the original engines were/are notorious for having the outer weight slipping on the balancers hub. The counter weight is on the center hub so you won't see an inbalance in the engine BUT if it has slipped that means that there is no longer anything much holding the two pieces together and the outer weight will eventually wander and it is possible for it to completely off while the engine is running.

You probably want to deal with that before it becomes a major disaster?

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