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...not to long ago was born a rare feline, she is midnight black with pearly white eyes and tarmac ripping paws. Lonely, she was, 'please let me out, please let me exercise my aching cat/power' without being acknowledged; until her owner decided to put her for adoption. Along she went to the vet. The team reassured her and made her feel at home amongst her sisters and cousins being pampered; until I came along. 'I want you', (this exotic cat, telepathically, whispering me). My heart, trying not to show my emotions, was ready to explode with joy. I could see she had the markings of a pedigree, she comes from a fine family of Panteras, all different in many ways but with such a fine line. She is now my own 'Fauve' she is 6610.
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Congratulations Michel! Your car looks beautiful. You are very fortunate to have DEEB and Carmen nearby to help when (if) you need it. They are great guys, very generous, very experienced and totally dedicated to Pantera ownership. I'm really looking forward to seeing your car soon.

But first there is the federal standard quarantine to pass and then the provincial check up for her name tag, lol. One level of government doesn’t trust the other. 'Fauve's first medical appointment is on the 6th of May, her new vet is bringing in a specialist, nothing serious, Montreal being of different altitude and humidity level, she is running to lean.
Last Friday morning, I went to the inspection bureau for the second time with the list of things i had to do from the first inspection:
1- front right side tie rod end (P.I. Motorsport Catalogue p.38 #28 or Pantera chassis and body master part catalogue, front suspension & steering, section 30, part # 3A130 end-front axle spindle connecting)
2- front right side bearings might only need tightening.
3- rear lower bushing (P.I. Motorsport Catalogue p 36 possibility of parts #12 to 22 or Pantera chassis and body master part catalogue, frame, exhaust system, springs 7 stabilizer, section 50 parts rear suspension assembly)
4- pedal rubbers, (P.I Motorsport Cat. p. 41 #17)
5- rubber grommet (emplacement: firewall) for the throttle linkage rod (I can't figure the part # in the catalogues)

then i am home free. (sic)

I got the job done, the bearing was tightened, i put some sticky adhesive on one side no slip on the other side floor stuff on the pedals, looks good, got everything else tightened and rubberized and I am happy to announce, thanks to the Ottawa (Mark), Montreal (Carmen & David) and Laval(Claude) factions, the cat is now registered, licensed and rolling. Yahhhhh!!!
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