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Big fun.  My friend from Tucson was running his car (The Werewolf) out on the salt at Bonneville for "World of Speed" 2021.

While it's not a Pantera, it has a lot of the proper characteristics:  Mid-engined layout, transaxle, low slung, cool and sinister looking.

The car is a custom tube-frame body designed and built completely by my buddy, with a Manta fiberglass body kit - the Manta kits were built back in the early '70's.

The engine is a Donovan upsized to 383 Cu-in, the basic block is a lot like a Chevy 350.  The car runs a Porsche G50 transaxle.

Werewolf was running in the 150 mph class, and the car hit 157 mph on it's first run.  Perfect...  another 3 mph and he would have been DQ'ed.

It was very cool to be out on the salt.....  It was like going back in time.  Very laid-back, but intense at the same time.  All the drama of racing - the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.  You could see it all. 

Reminds me of the stories of PI founder Fred Matsumoto driving his Pantera out from L.A. (towing a trailer), making some record breaking passes, then packing it up, and driving the car back to L.A.)

Enjoy the pictures.


IMG_9195 [Large)

IMG_9309 [Large)IMG_9298 [Large)IMG_9334 [Large)

IMG_9341 [Large)


Images (5)
  • IMG_9309 (Large): 150 MPH Line
  • IMG_9341 (Large): Timing Slip
  • IMG_9298 (Large): Getting Close!
  • IMG_9195 (Large): The Werewolf!
  • IMG_9334 (Large): On the Start Line!
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Not sure why my pictures aren't showing up (again) but - the other thread that I tried to fix, I screwed my post up even worse!

Try clicking on the pictures in the box below the text.  There is a "SHOW" button, and that will bring up the box with the attachments.  You can click on the pictures and they will open.

Sorry -


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The video just came in!

Here's the words from Neil, the driver, builder, and team manager:

I’m back from Bonneville and we had a great time - the car ran flawlessly and I got a timing slip for 157.458 mph. In the class I entered I couldn’t exceed 159.999 or I’d be disqualified so I ran close to the edge.

Regards, Neil

Check out the videos:

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