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As most pantera owners who have been into restoring a rusting pantera chassis know, NOS body panels are all but impossible to find, and the repros available from the vendors are of questionable quality. Especially the outer rockers available from various vendors do NOT fit well and require quite a bit of reworking to be made to fit – and, when finally made to fit, they do not have the correct shape – in particular the underside of the panels are hard to get correct as they originally curve, have drains and taper towards the ends. The taper is different front to rear with the taper to the rear being much more pronounced.

After giving up on reworking readily available rockers to sataisfactory results, we decided that we had to produce our own tools to fabricate correct outer rocker panels. So a friend of mine which is a metal fabricator has produced the nessesary tools to fabricate one piece CORRECT outer rockers as well as inner b-posts.

These are true and correct copies of ford era outer rockers made of one piece of metal – not welded together by several smaller pieces.

We have discussed if we should offer these up for sale – on ebay perhaps, but they will be expensive.

Are there buyers for these ? – are pantera owners prepared to pay more for these correct ones over cheaper lesser correct ones? There is a lot of work in these so they will cost at least twice the price of what can be had from Byars or Hall fx., likely $600+ each.

Correct inner b-post could also be made available at roughly the same Price


I should add that I have no Money in this and no financial gain if these parts end up being offered for sale. Just the Messenger.



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Hi Kristian,
nice work! I am not realy in the market for a set right now. However, I would guess that if the other ones available fit so poorly, then the extra expense for these would be earned back in time and effort saved. It may be worth contacting some of the vendors and see if they are interested in purchasing some.
Cheers, Tim.

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