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Group 4 - All metal. New motor, new fuel tank, Cal Pantera big bore ceramic coated headers, new holley carb, new upper a-arms, fresh brake job, new calipers on rear, new rack/pinion, rebuilt clutch - master and slave cylinder, new stainless steel brake lines, new clutch, upgraded cooling system with all new hoses, A/C works good. No Rust California Car. Viper Blue paint with 10x17 and 13x17 custom rims - 335/35/17 rear and 265/45/17 front. Removable front spoiler.
52K miles. Email for pictures to
Extremely Nice Car located in Southern California!!! Must see to appreciate!!
$38,000 or best offer


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Original Post
Originally posted by r mccall:
Why is this car not sold?! It is absolutely beutiful! The absolute only thing I don't like is the wheels. Someone is missing out on a awesome car!
Do you have any pictures of the engine bay?
What is done to the engine?

I was considering this car about a year or so ago from the previous owner, Leo in Carson CA. I looked it over pretty good and took several photos, but didn't buy it. All my opinion of course, but from what I saw and from what Leo told me, and a test drive:

Hall Brute engine ran well, but was having a little kink in 1st when Leo drove it. Nice paint and no door dings. Engine trunk and liner was neat. Removing the trunk showed basic stock with undercoat. Appeared straight under the car.

Windshield had about 6" of white on the bottom middle, like water got in there or something. The rear flairs had some sort of metal support going from the body to the flairs (I have never seen this before), so maybe good, may be an issue...I don't know. Leo told me the door jamb had rust but was repaired (not sure how well, but any door jamb rust scares me). Driver door had problems shutting. But the biggest turn off for me anyway was the metalic blue paint. The metalic paint reminded me of a low rider, and for me anyway, didn't suit a Pantera. If you like metalic paint, this car would be a plus for you. Also, the car from the rear seemed to sit crooked somewhat, but I am not sure if this was an issue or not, or maybe just the way the car was sitting in the driveway. Interior was ok, but no where near show. Also, in the engine bay where the Pantera metal label is on the drivers side, later with my photos, it looked like there was some metal seperation seam. This made me think it was a rear clip, but I could be wrong. I didn't go back to see the car, but if I did, I would have wanted to see that area again. Also, I prefer a crisp look to the fender flairs where the group 4 flairs attach to the body, and these seemed to be folded in smoother maybe with additional bondo.

Again, these are just my observations, posting what I saw and was told at the time.

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