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I am putting together a page on how the lower area (rockers, front and rear valiance, and corners) have been painted. What was 'stock' and some owner selections...

Please send me your photos of this area.
If your car in the registry already has a good photo or photos of this area, let me know the number and I will include it.
I will post a link when I have a few examples.



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Interesting door jam / rocker treatment on this yellow car.


PS People posting photos...
If I do not recognize that a posted pic is in the registry, (200,000+ photos and I remember .most.) I try to add it to the entry for the car. But "handle" names on this forum usually don't help me match owner name to car VIN. So if you could include your 4-digit VIN, I (and others) could go look at more photos in the registry, and as a plus, I can add your new photo to the registry entry.

Hi Chuck!

I purchased #4744 in 1976 with this lower areas paint scheme.PMo1PMO2PMo3PMo4PMo5

I don't know where that black curve at the front came from, but I have grown to really like the way it outlines/surrounds the turn signal pod and then flows into the center of the grill, and black has been added to the belt line of the fenders and doors.

I also like the way those rear "triangles" visually "kick up" the rear of the car, and overall I'm really happy with it's profile.


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