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Originally posted by Cyboman:
This is my '86 GT5-S Pavesi Targa. I'd like this to be a community album of targa Panteras. Please add only pictures of any year or model targa Pantera. Any and all are welcome!

Trying to figure out this new format of the PI board... I sort of meant to post the photo in a separate post, but it got mixed up in the original one, and sort of anonymously at that...
Here are a couple of pictures of a Targa Pantera that I found for sale on the German eBay web site a year or so ago. It appears to be a GT5-S converted to look like an Si. Note the wheels: Si's have extended A-arms, so these wheels would stick out further. The gauges and switches are also not the newer style, as in the Si's.

If anyone has more pictures of this Pantera, please post them!


As Roland said, the gas filler is on the wrong side.
A real Si has the fuel tank right of the engine, left in front of the rear wheel is only the battery and the factory oil cooler.
It has the old wheels and tyres too.
I think it is a normal GT5-S Targa, only fitted with Si fenders and bumpers. A real Si sits much deeper in the front with the new suspension.

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