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I'm sorry to have misled you, or anyone else with the caption under the first photo in the Pantarga album stating 'just stook a sawzall to the roof...' My '86 GT5-S is an original Carrozzeria Pavesi converted factory targa. The caption was meant as a joke as converting a Pantera to a targa top is no small or easy undertaking. The car requires extensive reinforcing. Most people in the Pantera community know of the Pavesi targa Panteras.

In regard to the cars structural integrity, I jacked up the car from just behind the front left wheel with the roof off and the whole side lifted off the ground! With both tires about a foot off the ground, the doos opened and closed with ease, and all gaps in body panels were unchanged. I even put the roof back in just to see if it would be a problem. It went in just as if all four wheels were on the ground. I was very impressed with the cars rigidity.

Mark, thank you for your enthusiastic response. But I'm fully aware that Cyboman did not cut the roof off.

My comment followed his last post referring to his jacking of the vehicle. I would've been petrified jacking up a topless Pantera in this manner. It's a tribute to the workmanship involved that the car was not damaged.

As info only, I would be interested in seeing the structural mods done to the car. It sounds like a lot of work has been done to the car to get it right.

Bob Eaton

I was taking the front left wheel off to check the backspacing on the stock front rim. I was going nice and easy because I wasn't sure how the car would 'twist' either (my biggest concern was that the windshield would crack). The roof was already out, so I figured it would be a good time to 'get to know' my car (this Oct. 10th I'll have it a year). I was indeed shocked to see the whole side of the car rise almost evenly! I wanted to measure the rear rim too, so it was ok with me. There was no creaking or groaning or any sound coming from the car at all. I was impressed with the lack of flex.

I also have a '74 that I've had since July of '98, and I know this car very well. Every time I put this car in the air, I've had to do it corner by corner. I would start by raising the rear from under the crossmember. After putting jackstands, I'd use 2 of the same hydraulic jack on the frame behind each wheel and lift it a little at a time, then switch sides. I'd go from side to side until it was where I wanted it, and it would groan and creak a little. The first time I did this, I figured I would lift one side at a time. When I heard the car creaking, I stopped and stepped back to see noticable twist in the car! That's when fear of windshield breakage occurred, and I immediately broke out the other jack! I thought my '86 would be even more delicate, but it's much more solid.

I'm not exactly sure how the car is reinforced, as I've not gotten intimate with this car yet. When it was coming off the carrier, I had the guy stop it midway so I could check out the undercarriage. Besides noting that it was very clean, I could not see any additional bracing or reinforcing. The 5-S is a a little different underneath, but this was the only 5-S I've ever been under, so I'm not sure if it was just because the floor pans are dropped on the 5-S. I was told by the previous owner that there is extensive reinforcing under the rug in many places. I've also heard that the area behind the seats is majorly reinforced. The most obvious place the car is reinforced is directly under the rocker panel. There is a stip of steel about 1/4" thick that hangs down about 2" below the rocker panel line of the car that runs the length of the rocker panel. In the engine compartment it extends up about anothe 4" for a total of 6". I'm not sure if the whole strip is 6" and it extends into the passenger compartment, or if it'just welded to the underside of the rocker panel and is only 6" high in the engine bay. If you look at a profile shot of my car, you can see it hanging there. (Go to the 'Pantarga' thread in Alejandro's Neighborhood Bar.)

I'm sorry, but I don't have any pictures at all of this car's undercarriage or of any reinforcement points yet. I may delve into this car a bit this winter. If I do (I probably will), I'll take some pictures for those interested. As I discover more about this car, I'll be happy to tell you about what I find.

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