I recently purchased several cars from a private enthusiast. Seven in total, 6 Porsches and in the far corner sat a 72 Pantera. I've got all the cars to the shop and with a little fuel work the Pantera fired up. Had been sitting since 08. The owner purchased the car in the mid 80s. Some mods but mostly original, I plans on sorting a few things like brakes and fluids etc.then offer her to a new home. Everything works and the only visible rust I could find it on the radiator support. I'm a car guy but don't have any experience with the Pantera. The motor number is the same as on the chassis data plate, ZF shifts good. Any help with looking the car over would be appreciated.
I'll post some pics later, when I know how to
posts them.
best to all,
Virginia Beach
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This car is currently on Bring A Trailer. It is listed as a “Project” but is as described earlier, a garage find. We cleaned her up a bit, new Wilwood calipers and SS brake hoses bushing in the rack. The tires are old, so new tires and fluid service you could drive her home. Would appreciate comments on bat from the folks familiar with these cars.

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