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There is a real GTS for sale at PIM in Orange, Ca. I wonder if anyone out there knows this car? I am not a mechanical sort of guy, nor do I know much about Pantera's. I am looking for a Pantera as a second car that I can drive maybe 5k miles per year without any major issues. I wonder if #7206 has had enough upgrades with the suspension, brakes, electrical, engine, etc, for it to handle about 5k miles per year driving? Rust issues? Any other issues with this car that anyone might know about? Is this a quality Pantera? Is this car fairly priced? Any input would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum, whatever you name is.... Wink

First off, ANY stock or correctly modified Pantera, if well maintained, can easily handle 5,000 miles per year.

Second, IMHO, when you say you don't know much about Panteras, I get a uneasy feeling in my gut.

These are a very easy car to buy incorrectly. If you do not learn how to properly inspect a Pantera, or have the help of someone so skilled to help you evaluate your potential purchase, well... I wish you luck.

PIM is a well known and respected vendor. That said, they are selling that car on consignment and their goal is a sale. Sort of like buying a house. Buyer beware. PIM will not lie to you, but they may not educate you as to any shortcomings the car may have, either.

From the description and photos it appears to be a substantially stock car save for the engine rebuild, radiator, Wilwoods (just calipers, or rotors, too?) wheels, and some appearance upgrades. What there is seems to be pretty common for the course.

You may find a suspension in need of all new bushings. Cooling tubes may need replacing, or not. All rubber hoses might need replacing, or not. And there may be rust.

At $60,000 it is over priced, IMHO. You should have some bargaining room; the seller has probably instructed PIM with a bottom price. PIM wants it to sell for as much as possible. They probably are not in a hurry as they do sell a large number of cars and they know this one will sell in due time.

There were about 150 USA GTS cars. They were nothing out of the ordinary mechanically, but had some appearance changes.

This car is lacking the original GTS steering wheel. It is lacking the original Campys and the GTS center emblems. It has an upgraded interior. Point being, any special 'value' it has as a GTS has been compromised.

Being in LA, you are surrounded by POCA chapters and owners. My advice to you would be to hook up with some of them and learn more before making your purchase. The POCA website has all the chapters listed.

Also, a GREAT opportunity awaits you this June 2-6 in Reno. The POCA Fun Rally, our annual gathering. Sort of like a crash course in learning about Panteras. Go to and find the details. Anyone can attend, you do not need to be a member, though I'd advise you to join.

People buying a Pantera often fall prey to The Fever. The cars are hypnotizing, and once you start looking at them, you want yours NOW. Relax, get to learn about the various flavors they come in, what can and should be done to them, and what shouldn't.

Adopt the attitude each day brings you closer to YOUR car. Generally, when you find it, it will speak to you. Sounds corny, but others know what I mean is often true.

Keep asking questions. That is the best thing to do before, and after, buying a Pantera.

Thank you guys for your replies. I am trying to educate myself as much as possible about Pantera's before I make my purchase. I already learned some things from Larry's reply, such as this GTS is lacking the original emblems, wheels and maybe a few other things that somewhat compromise its value as a GTS. I plan to go to the Reno Fun Rally. Maybe there will be some Pantera's for sale over there, plus I can ask questions and try to learn more about these cars. I'd rather pay a little more and get a Pantera that has been thoroughly gone through and updated. It seems you get a better deal buying a Pantera that has already had substantial upgrades. It appears you can put a ton of money into these cars updating everything, and you don't seem to recoup all that you have put into these cars when you sell. I went to a Pantera Fun Rally a few years ago in Las Vegas because back then I wanted to own a Pantera. But my friends told me Pantera's are from the past, they have old antiquated technology, museum pieces but not cars to drive. My friends said only guys that love to work on their own cars as a hobby buy Pantera's. They sapped the energy out of me and I gave up my search for a Pantera. But my passion has been brewing now for some time to own a Pantera, and this time I won't be deterred. I don't care what my friends say, I plan to own a Pantera. Thanks guys for your advice. And as it happens, I believe I have met you Larry at the Fun Rally in Vegas a few years ago. I believe you own a silver color very sharp looking Pantera. We spoke for a short time after I came up to admire your car. I plan to go to the Reno Fun Rally. If I see you there I will re-introduce myself and say hello.

Hi David,

I believe I have met you Larry at the Fun Rally in Vegas a few years ago.

An exceptionally handsome and charming man with a silver/gray ponytail? Yup, that was me. Big Grin
But my passion has been brewing now for some time to own a Pantera

Ah, a low grade Fever. Wink

Yes, buying one upgraded with your preferred choices will save you a ton of money, and time, and perhaps aggravation.

The problem with Panteras is you wind up wanting to improve the breed. But there are many owners who have a car they enjoy, resist that urge, and enjoy what they have.

Since you've done Vegas, you know what to expect from Reno. Not too many cars for sale usually, but ask around, drop your interest and hook up with folks who can feed you information on cars they know, or find, are for sale.

See you in Reno!

An exceptionally handsome and charming man with a silver/gray ponytail? Yup, that was me. Big Grin

Man I knew Chicago was called the windy city, but now we'll have to add Fresno the city with a strong breeze Smiler

David, All kidding aside. The friendship here is strong. Guys here will give honest and stritforward directions. There are no dumb questions on this board so don't hesitate to ask, even if it been asked before someone will answer or direct to a previous thread with the answer.
Buyer beware. PIM will not lie to you, but they may not educate you as to any shortcomings the car may have, either.

PIM will tell you what the 'owner/seller' told them about the car. PIM does not inspect the cars they have on consignment and make no warranty or claim as to their condition, the presence of rust or not, etc. That was my experience when I looked at a car they had for sale a few years ago. You may be able to pay them to do a pre-purchase inspection on a particular car - check with them.

Larry's feedback is good. Learn all you can. I drove my Pantera about 7,000 miles/year without issue, until I spun a rod bearing - I'm in the middle of an engine rebuild now.

Here are some additional resources:
Larry's advice is right on, but I would take issue with one thing.

We all agree that you are better off financially buying a car that has all the features you want as opposed to doing it yourself. You rarely recover the money you've spent... I would only differ in that Larry says that you inevitably WANT to start modifying things. I'd argue that this is only true if a) you didn't buy the car that you really wanted because perhaps you didn't know what you wanted at the time or b) You just can't help tweaking things.

It is certainly permitted to change anything you wish, something that is frowned upon in other marques. And there are some neat things out there that can tempt you, but there are plenty of owners who leave their cars as-is and are prefectly happy.

As far as what your friends tell you about the reliability (or lack thereof) of the Pantera, how many have first-hand experience? On this forum you'll hear from hundreds of owners who have travelled thousands of trouble-free miles, and wouldn't think twice about hopping in their car and driving 1000 miles. True, few owners do that and most only take their cars out on sunny Sundays, but that is the owner's problem, not the car's problem!

The vast majority of Panteras provide years of reliable transportation, perhaps due to the lack of sophistication that your friends scorn. There isn't much to go wrong with the stock formula. If you start messing with the formula, adding electronic do-dads, EFI, computers, sensors, you introduce more failure modes.

Every year I take at least one long distance road trip, literally thousands of kilometers from my home typically to the other side of Europe and don't think twice about it.

Don't listen to the naysayers - drive a handful of cars, decide what you really want and be patient. It really is a quite special car with oodles of personality and entertainment for years.
Thanks for everyone's input. I want to find a Pantera that looks close to show quality, but also capable of getting on the track at the Pantera events and being able to hold up and perform well. I want to find a Pantera that has a stronger than stock hp engine, that has had suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, upgraded electrical, updated A/C, dropped floor pans would be nice(I'm 6 ft 2 3/4), and upgraded interior. And from my research it seems the Pantera GT5-S has done all that right from the factory! Not only that, but the Pantera GT5-S IMHO is the best looking of all the Panteras. Charlie, I noticed that you own a Pantera GT5-S. It seems almost all of the GT5-S's are in Europe, as is yours. I live in Los Angeles. I briefly talked to a guy living in Florida who just sold his GT5-S. He said these cars are hard to drive, hard to work on, hard to find parts for, hard to insure, and don't even think of getting a GT5-S in a car accident because the body was hand molded and it would cost a fortune to repair. If I bought a GT5-S I want to be able to drive the car 5k miles per year or so. The guy who just sold his GT5-S in Florida put less than 200 miles on the car in 10 yrs! Charlie, do you drive your GT5-S? Is it hard to drive and hard to find parts for and hard to work on and hard to insure? If any of you guys out there have any opinions I'm listening.


Sounds like the best thing the Florida owner did was sell his GT5S!

Wide body Panteras are renowned for tracking the road due to the width of the rubber and wheel offset to the outside of spindle center. That said there are equally well known fixes to improve caster. My GT5 was transformed when I modified my caster, literally like night and day.

There was recently one 5S with a Fontana motor up for sale, which appeared a very well updated example. The 5S's are generally priced $65-75K for average examples, although in this economy fire sales do come up. Just hang in there and stick to your guns on what you want.

He said these cars are hard to drive, hard to work on, hard to find parts for, hard to insure, and don't even think of getting a GT5-S in a car accident because the body was hand molded and it would cost a fortune to repair.

One word, "IGNORANCE!"

The cars are a joy to drive! Imagine muscle car acceleration (but better!), go-kart handling, and true GT highway cruising capability. My Pantera never ceases to amaze me. When I bought my Pantera, I found it was so much fun to drive that I drove it to work EVERY DAY the sun shone for 2-1/2 years.

The cars are easy to work on too! Have you ever changed plugs on a Ford or Chevy from the 60's? That's how hard it is to work on a Pantera. Yeah, maybe you can't do it all leaning over a fender - you might have to reach a couple plugs from the underside, but it's not hard at all! And we regularly have tech sessions where owners get together and wrench on each other's cars together. If you're uncomfortable tackling a project/repair yourself, you're surrounded with folks who've done it before and will show you how and help!

Hard to find parts for??? Let me ask you, who sponsors this board? PIM. They sell parts. So does Quella, Wilkenson, Precision ProFormance, Hall, PPC, Graham, Pat Mical, and others! Just check out the plethora of Pantera parts on ebay any day of the week. They're out there. Actually, we have surprisingly excellent parts availability; and that's just for the Pantera-specific parts! Engine related mechanical bits can all be purchased from your local Kragen/Checker/Shucks, Napa, Autozone, or any auto parts store.

As for insurance; piece of cake! I purchased my car and walked right into my SoCal AAA office and insured my car. They even handled the DMV paperwork for me so I didn't have to stand in line at the DMV. Interestingly, it cost LESS to insure my Pantera than it cost to insure my 89 Mustang GT because it's a somewhat rare collector car and there aren't a bunch of 18-22 year olds filling actuarial tables with accident statistics every month. Granted, that was a 'stated value' policy, and AAA wasn't willing to raise the insured amount later when the car appreciated, but it was EASY! Then I called Hagerty. Completed their application online and in a matter of minutes had 'Agreed Value' coverage (what you need for a Pantera) with no hassles, and cost a lot less than AAA. And most Pantera owners don't plan on getting into accidents - not a habit we want. But, sometimes idiots force us into that situation. That's what the insurance is for. And with an 'agreed value' policy, you're covered. Your car gets fixed (unless you total it), no issues! Just be sure to adequately insure your car.

A fellow club member had an accident. The car was insured for $60,000 and his repair estimate was in excess of $50,000. Initially, Hagerty wanted to 'total' the car because they're concerned the repair will run higher than the agreed value of the vehicle, but as my friend put it, his car properly repaired for a cost of $50,000+ would be a much better car than he could possibly buy for the $60,000 he would have received from the insurance company. His car was properly repaired and is now insured for $100,000, and it warrants it!

So, the Pantera is easy and fun to drive, easy and inexpensive to work on, parts are readily available, and it's easy and inexpensive to insure. Take the plunge. You won't regret it if you do your homework and buy the right car for you.

I have an '86 GT5-S. Hagerty insured it without batting an eyelash and the premium is about $800 a year. Next year when the car is 25 years old, it will fall into the 'Antique' category and will cost less than half that to insure. If you get into an accident, let your insurance company worry about how it's going to get fixed. Metal shaping craftsmen can duplicate any body part!

To me, it is a dream to drive! The car handles like it's on rails. It can stop so suddenly, and without drama that I would worry about being rearended in the event I had to stop that car 'NOW'. The ride quality is superb. It takes bumps with grace. You would need to adjust the front alignment specs (David B -GT5- knows how) to eliminate the front tires from randomly jerking left or right when the front tires are moved more outboard (with aftermarket wheels). I drove it to Ontario and back (about 1000 miles roundtrip) in Sep. '08. I can sum it up by saying it was a very comfortable drive.

Pictures don't do the GT5-S (or any Pantera, really) justice! The low-width, and flow of the flares lulls you into staring at it endlessly. It is truly striking in person. I have a hard time walking away from it. Just looking at it makes me happy!

I don't drive mine as much as I'd like to because I have two young kids (7 & 5) that I like to spend all of my time with. It's a shame, because I really enjoy my time behind the wheel. I'm gonna drive it more this year, I swear!

Registering a 5-S in CA might be an issue due to emissions, but it's been done. Guys there would be better able to help you clear that hurdle. Parts are out there, but some 5-S specific parts may be harder to find.

I had a '74 before this one, and the '86 feels more refined. Keep in mind that this is just my experience, your mileage may vary.



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[quote]Charlie, do you drive your GT5-S?
Does Charlie drive his 5S???? BAWAHAHAHAHa
I'll let him answer that one.
The guy who told you they were hard to drive and hard to insure a tool. He was probably 85 yrs old and didn't have access to the internet.
These are older cars. They will require work and maintenance. Once they are sorted out, they will provide many miles of trouble free driving. If you don't want to own an older exotic, you can always buy a Vette or Viper and be 1 of 50 others at the car shows. Smiler
David, People will tell you many things, do your homework for everyone who says it can't be done you'll find as many who say you can. Now that 5s might be your dream car and you may come across one (heck I found a Goose after 6 months of research - and a little luck).

You desire a car with all the upgrades (again you might be lucky) if not remember a lot of the fun is the journey, not the destination. In 10 years, no 2 years time you can tell the naysayers: I changed the control arms, I picked those wheels, I instaled this or that.( again see David B he's been there) Go and see any/all Panteras for sale within resonable distance from home or work, better spend a few hundred in gas than over pay for the wrong car you bought on evilBay or some mag. And who knows you may find a non-5S car out there. You shouldn't buy a 600HP car 1st time around, you need to tame it and courting other Panteras is OK, get those owner's opinions.

Go and see any/all Panteras for sale within reasonable distance from home or work, better spend a few hundred in gas than over pay for the wrong car you bought on evilBay or some mag.

When I was searching, I checked out the local cars for sale, made a trip to PIM in Orange to view their offerings (actually had an offer on one of their cars), flew to Vegas to look at cars, made a trip to Phoenix to look at a 71, and had airline tickets booked/reserved for Seattle and Ohio to look at two more contenders before I found mine. A few hundred dollars (or even a grand) in gas or airline tickets is cheap compared to the cost of buying the wrong car that needs LOTS of work. As for evilbay, most auctions require a $200-$500 deposit. View the car BEFORE paying for it!!! If you show up to inspect/pickup a car you bought (deposit only) through ebay and it turns out to not be as described (read: rust-bucket), you can just as easily walk away! The lost deposit is nothing compared to the cost of correcting a rotting car. Always inspect a car before buying!

Check out as many cars as you can, even if they're not exactly what you're looking for! Look at them, drive them, inspect them! You will learn a lot! You will develop a sense of what's acceptable to you and what's not. AND, you will then KNOW the right car when you do find it.
You guys are very inspiring. You've convinced me that there is no reason why I can't own a Pantera GT5-S. I don't want a converted '72 Pantera that has been turned into a GT5-S. I want the real thing.

I read somewhere that there are less than 50 GT5-S's in the entire USA. Probably 40 of those 50 GT5-S's are sitting in a bunch of rich guys car collections and just sit there looking pretty but never driven. Maybe only 10 or less of the 50 GT5-S in the USA are even driven. So I don't understand how and why parts would be readily available for a GT5-S for only about 10 cars in the entire USA? It doesn't make sense economically. But if you guys say all the parts for a GT5-S are readily available who am I to argue, after all you guys are the experts. All I can think of is that maybe the GT5-S uses almost all the same parts as the '71-'74 Panteras, thus the availability. I don't know.

I hope these Pantera GT5-S can pass smog emissions here in California.

Anyway, I appreciate all of your guys advice. One common element that I think all of you Pantera owners have is a "Can Do" attitude, a persistence, and lots of resilience. It's easy to just go out and buy a brand new Dodge Viper right from the dealership. However, it takes some effort, some persistence, and a mindset that is off the beaten path from the mainstream to go out and seek an old Italian exotic. You have to be able to go through some hurdles and obstacles, and put forth some extra effort. You guys show your resiliency and your "Can do" attitude in your posts. An impressive bunch of guys here it seems to me. Additionally, your willingness to offer advice to utter guys are quite a special group.

Lastly, Cyboman aka Michael, thanks for including a photo of your GT5-S. It is breathtaking. The color, the decals, no wing (IMO the GT5-S looks better without the wing.) It is a magnificent beauty. I absolutely love your car. Just wondering....would you consider selling it? Interested buyer here.


I hope these Pantera GT5-S can pass smog emissions here in California.

This is a real concern for you. I suggest you contact Kirk Evans. He is the man who did the legal importing of about 50 GT5-S cars into the USA during the late 80's - Amerisport -

the GT5-S looks better without the wing

My feelings exactly.


Thanks for the kind words about my Pantera! Clearly, I share your feelings for it. My particular Pantera is not a regular GT5-S, it is one of about 6 or so Pavesi Targa GT5-Ss. DeTomaso offered a targa top as a factory option, but it's astronomical cost (50+% of the price of the car) prevented all but the few that were made from being produced. Carrozzeria Pavesi (one of Italy's premier coach builders) did the targa top conversion for the deTomaso factory while the body was in 'white' (just a shell). When completed, they were sent back to the deTomaso factory assembly line for finishing. My 5-S is the only known Pavesi Targa in the U.S. In my estimation, it is worth considerably more than regular 5-S.

Driving it with the roof off IS having your cake and eating it too! It totally transforms the feeling of the car from having the roof on top of your head to the sky being the limit. I can see all the other drivers around me when at an intersection or on the highway. The wind in my hair is awesome too! (Well, it was when I had hair.) I had a '74 Pantera that I had no intentions of parting with, but having had a taste of a 'topless' Pantera, there was no turning back for me!



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Your GT5-S just keeps getting better looking every time you send another photo. Your car looks great from any angle. I have never heard of a Pavesi GT5-Ss targa. That must be so cool to know you are driving the only Targa GT5-Ss in the entire country!

I don't know what smog emission laws they have where you live in CT, but since you are driving it obviously you got it to pass emissions. I contacted Kirk Evans via e-mail who owned Amerisport back in the '80's and asked him if a GT5-S could pass smog here in California. Kirk Evans said yes they can pass smog if they still have the contols on them (whatever he means by "Controls" I have no idea, but the "Yes" part I understood.)

Knowing that your car is a Pavesi GT5-Ss, worth considerably more than a normal GT5-S, I may not be able to afford your car. But you never know. Have you ever thought about possibly selling your car? I figure it doesn't hurt to ask.

Originally posted by Cyboman: is one of about 6 or so Pavesi Targa GT5-Ss.


My Pantera is still a GT5-S, I used GT5-Ss to denote plural.

I've flirted with the idea of selling it recently because I'm 42 with two young children (7 & 5) that I spend all of my time with. My Pantera is my dream car, but experiencing my children's youth is infinitely more important to me. Being that it's only a 2 seater means it stays home much more than I would like it to. I sometimes fear it may be MANY years before I can enjoy it the way I'd like to. The question runs through my mind: Is it worth keeping if I only drive it 2-3 times a year for the next 10-15 years?



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I don't really have much to add that hasn't already been said. Do I drive my car? As much as I can. At least once a year I take a "road trip" that typically is 5000km or more, taking me a reeeeeal long way from home and to countries where I don't speak a word of their language and wouldn't have the slightest idea where to turn if I had a problem.

I do it (knocking heavily on any wooden object I can find) because I have confidence in the car.

Full disclosure is that I bought the car in Austria about 10 years ago, and I didn't make it home before it broke down on me. The first two years were painful due to mechanical problems, but that was a long time ago and I've had no trouble since.

Parts are easy to find, especially if you live in the US. Ironically, it is probably EASIER to find parts in the US than it is in Europe. There is an extensive network of suppliers who can find any part you need, and the prices are pretty reasonable if you consider the volume and uniqueness of the car. No, the parts aren't as cheap as a Honda Accord, but it isn't exactly a Honda either.

More food for thought: If you like the GT5S look, then I wouldn't rule out a conversion car. They have their pros and cons. There is more availability. A well-done conversion with a monster motor will be quicker than a stock factory 5-S. Depending on who did the conversion, they may have included upgraded, top-of-the-line brakes and other goodies that may be interesting.

On the other hand, if the conversion consisted of simply welding on fender flares are putting on big tires without making the other modifications required for the added stress of the monster rubber of the late cars, then you will quickly wear out or overstress certain components and have problems.

Many late-model Panteras in the US had to jump through hoops to comply with emissions, which may have reduced the available hp, espcially compared to an emissions-free Ford-era car.

In summary - a well-done and well-documented conversion car should have all the updates done by the factory and more. There are darn few GT5-S cars in the US, so the supply is much more limited.

On the other hand, an undocumented or incomplete conversion car would not be as desirable as a factory wide-body car. Food for thought.

Having owned both an 70's car ('72 pre-L) and a widebody (85 GT5-S) there is a significant difference in feel. But a 70's car that has been completely rebuilt from the ground up may be a different story.

Drive as many as you can before buying yours. It can be an expensive mistake if you buy the wrong car, or it can be a dream come true in the literal sense of the word if you buy the right car.
Originally posted by Cyboman:
Is it worth keeping if I only drive it 2-3 times a year for the next 10-15 years?


Michael, I have said it in PM, but I will re-post for others (respectfully).

Keep the car. Sometimes you think you'll never get out there again. For many guys, you'll sell the car buy a big screen tv, finish the lasement, put a pool in the backyard, or buy a cottage. Then what do you have some home creature comforts, but once that cash is gone odds are, like many of my buddies, you'll just whine about getting a car, and life will get in the way.

Keep the car!!!!

As always, you put up a VERY persuasive argument! I simply can't argue with the contents of your post.


Your post is the other side of the coin that you've been sharing with me in our PM's, hence the catch 22. I think about it frequently and don't have an answer for how the huge hole in me would be filled without my Targa 5-S. This particular Pantera is a one shot deal and can't be replaced. This I know, and you've brought that into a sharper focus.


That's a great picture! I wish I had a picture of my Pantera in front of the deTomaso factory. I understand even the lettering has been removed from the factory.


No matter what Pantera you wind up buying, you've come to the right place for support and friendship. That's what I get from these guys (as you can see), and it's invaluable! It's a major part of the reason for owning a Pantera. I, like others here are part of other forums in other online communities, and no other comes close to camaraderie here. We ARE all on the same side.

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Michael's car is truly awesome, and we all have mixed feelings of pride (that we know the guy that owns it, and he's a cool dude), and envy that he owns such a rare and strikingly beautiful Pantera. And so, we'd all hate to see him and the car part company, we know it would break his heart in the long run, and it would do the same to us as you live on the other side of North America, and Denis, Mark, Michael, and I (and many others)all live in the east and might never see the Targa again if it moved.


As for the Pantera, I've had my narrow body car for 2 years now, I didn't look for long, I knew what I wanted, I looked at some cars locally (rusty $40K wrecks!), read up on the forums and carefully reviewed this document >> then went on a road trip to look at MY car, the former caretaker had taken 5 years to restore her, with photo documentation of the entire process, I crawled around under the car poking, prodding and banging for ages (he had it up off the ground for me when I arrived with the wheels off - a sign that there was nothing to hide), and then the wheels went on and it was fired up for a road trip down some straights and some twisties.

If you're in no hurry, get out to some events and talk to some of the guys, sit in the cars, and find what feels right to you, watch the key selling sites and poke and prod the owners like you're doing and you'll get the car you're after (except Michael's, that one is off limits - we obviously have to protect him from himself).

I have 4 kids between 6 and 13, they all love the Pantera and they use it as a personal motivator/reward (Kid 1 gets homework done by 5pm each day and gets to go to the car show on Tuesdays, Kid 2 practices his music each evening and gets a ride to soccer on Thursdays etc. as for me, I get to drive it all the time AND spend time with the kids!)

FWIW, I have 3 kids and they each LOVE when I drop one off at school in the Pantera - it's just plain cool! This is especially true now that 2 of them are in high school (actually, graduating seniors this year).

I sold my motorcycle for the very same reasons you're considering selling your Pantera when my kids were all between 1-4 years old, and regret it to this day. Of course, there's no budget for another one, and won't be for the foreseeable future either. I sure miss riding down a country 2-lane on that bike, even if it was only a handful of times each year once the kids arrived.

Best to hang on to the car - you need an outlet once in a while. And your kids will later enjoy and appreciate it too!

You are a funny group. You all tell me to stick to my guns and get the car I really want. Good advice, I thought. Well, a GT5-S is the car I really want. You guys convince me not to let the naysayers get me down. You tell me the GT5-S is a great car; drives great, easy to work on, parts readily available, etc. You all inspired me. So I decided to take the plunge and go after a GT5-S.

So now that you all convinced me to go after a GT5-S, I decided to do so with gusto backed by your guys encouragement. But when I actually ask Michael if he would consider selling his car, you guys tell Michael not to sell the car. You are encouraging me and blocking me all at once. I've read many old posts on this board. It seems to be a recurring theme that anytime anyone contemplates selling their Pantera the whole board lights up and tells the guy not to sell.

You guys realize that guys like me will never be able to buy a Pantera if none of you guys will ever sell.

I get it though. You hate to see one of your buddies sell his Pantera, especially since I live on the West Coast and apparently most of you guys live on the east coast, and you won't have much opportunity to see the car anymore. Keep in mind that Michael says the car is parked basically 362 days per year. So the car isn't getting much exposure anyway.

Owning a Pantera is almost like belonging to a Fraternity club. And you guys hate to see one of your frat members drop out. Really, I get it.

If I buy Michael's car, I would be driving the car two or three times per week. I would be advertising the marquee and increasing awareness of the Detomaso brand. The car wouldn't disappear. It would just be transferred to someone who has more time to enjoy it.

If Michael had a regular GT5-S without the targa top, I am sure we could work out a deal because the GT5-S seem to fall into a typical price range from what I've seen...between 65k-75k based on several ads of these cars that I have seen on the internet that have sold in the recent past, and Joules has also corroborated that in one of his recent posts.

But the Targa throws a wrench into the equation. How much more is a GT5-S worth with a targa top? There may be almost no precedent because there have been so few produced. Well actually, we do have some precedent based on what Michael paid for the car. (Which I have no idea how much that was)

It's still somewhat of a long shot for me to buy Michael's car anyway. I'd have to hear more about the cars history, upgrades, etc. I brought it up for discussion because I am a serious buyer here looking for a high quality well sorted out Pantera GT5s, and I am honest. And if he genuinely is ready to sell his car I may be a painless option compared to other sellers who have to wade through dozens of looky loos calling and knocking on the door who aren't necessarily even serious, wasting everyone's time.

Michael, I sent you a PM but I haven't heard back. I don't know if you received it. Anyway, you can PM me or write back here. Would you consider selling your car or have you changed your mind?

You have two beautiful kids that need your attention, and your poor GT5-S just sits there in your garage sad and lonely. If you sell your car to me, I will carry the torch and take good care of this car, and I will be driving it often, as a beautiful car like this should be driven and enjoyed, not parked for indefinite periods.


P.S- Charlie, beautiful picture of your car. It is a historic picture too. I have never seen the DeTomaso factory before. It was so cool to see your car with the DeTomaso factory in the background.
The Targa belongs to Michael.... nuff said. Should stay with him and his family for life!! Michael is a great DeTomaso enthusiast and that pantera is his calling card. Cyboman doesn't remember but there was a huge car show going on in the Bronx I believe and I belonged to a different forum. I made a mention that I hoped a Pantera would make the event and Michael tracked me down just to let me know this place existed.
Good luck with the search, if you are serios I can tell you where a lot of these cars are.... just stay away from the black cars, I haven't got mine yet.
David, As stated in my earlier post, search and you shall find. My Mangusta was hidden in a collection of LamboFerattis, clean but had noit seen the light of day for at least 8 years. The car was NOT FOR SALE , but at then end of the day I convinced the owner I should be it's next owner.

Hint: If you are hard-up for a GT5s have you contacted Peter Havlik? screen thru QV500 and PROVAMO. Make your own little registry and contact the owners.

Yours Truly

Denis is right.

There are a whole bunch of GT5 and GT5S cars for sale. In all colors and conditions. Honest, you will find the perfect one if you do a little googling and searching.

On this board we've helped lots of guys buy cars. Many times they become lifelong friends.

But we've known Cyboman for many years. We know he loves his car. We also know he will miss it terribly. Maybe less so if you pay a really high price. After all there aren't many like it.

Do some looking first. It's not going anywhere - not so fast anyhow. And actually, the reason we don't want him to sell it, is because we want him to sell it to one of us first.
David, Doctor Larry warned you about the P car fever. Take the doc's advice. Your low grade fever has turned into a 104 and raising temp. A GTS to a GT5-S, slow down. Learn about these cars from sites like this.Buy books,go see ,inspect, sit in, test drive as many P cars your time allows. Pantera's are a reliable
cars, but are old and need attention to keep the reliable. Chuck
I get it though. You hate to see one of your buddies sell his Pantera, especially since I live on the West Coast and apparently most of you guys live on the east coast, and you won't have much opportunity to see the car anymore.

Have you considered moving to the east coast?

Seriously though, you've hit the nail on the head in that Micheal is an important part of the 'fraternity' and is caretaker of a gem of a car.

So we have the dilemma of encouraging you to pursue the car you want - we sincerely want you to be a happy and active member of the community, and we also want Micheal to keep the car we know he has a passion for, and believe he would regret giving up (should he decide to do that).

That leaves tracking down one of the other targas either real, or created, and either option can be a good one if the car is properly sorted as has been stated so many times in this thread.

Someone correct me here, but didn't Hall Pantera put out a couple of GT5-S Targas when they did their Hall Super Pantera models (there was at least one ("Purple Passion" pictured below)? But I'm sure I've seen pictures of another one at one of the vendors' shops recently (maybe it was Hall ... it was either blue with white stripes, or maybe it was a red car - my memory is failing me, I've seen too many photos)

I know I'm not talking about a real GT5-S Pavesi, but we'd be hard pressed to find a Pantera that is bone stock (I'm pretty sure Michael isn't on stock rims) Wink

On the other hand, wait until you see Will Demelo's Group 4 when it rolls out, you may decide that's the style for you. David Berman's GT5 has an interior that makes most owners' hearts skip a beat. Take your time and look around - I was at a car show in Florida a few weeks ago and 7 Panteras showed up including a stunning white GT5-S (not a Targa, but still beautiful - see below).

BTW David, you sound like you're gonna fit into the community just fine, Welcome to the 'fraternity' Smiler


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Never even heard of QV500 until Denis mentioned it in his post (Thanks Denis). I went into the website and it appears to be some sort of registry of the Pantera cars. But none of these cars are listed for sale.

It appears I may have found Michael's GT-5s in the registry. Michael, is your chassis #9434? Because it looks just like your car. If it is, your car was originally white. Originally it had red interior. Originally it had a delta wing. And your original wheels are gone. I'm glad it is not original. I hope and pray that because your car is no longer original, the value has been somewhat compromised, to help offset whatever increased value the car has because it is a Targa. Because I'm scared that Targa top is going to cost me. (Ha!)

I also went through ProvaMo. There is only one GT5s listed for sale there. It is a beautiful Red with gold wheels. Completely gone through,completely sorted out. Perfect beautiful car asking 75k. I already contacted that guy. He lives in Florida and the car is already sold.

Being that there are only about 50 GT5-s in the USA, I don't get where you guys say there are plenty of these cars available. Yeah there are lots available in Europe, but I am scared to buy a car from Europe without even seeing it in person. And it would cost me thousands of dollars to fly to Europe to take a look. But I can fly anywhere in the USA to look at a car for just a few hundred dollars. So it seems to me my only chance to buy a GT5-s is from a small pool of guys (less than 50)who own these cars living in the USA.

Denis- No I haven't contacted Peter Havlik. Actually I have no idea who this person is. If this gentleman named Peter has any leads on a GT5-s, I would appreciate if you could forward me his e-mail so I can contact him.

Deloreans and DeTomaso- You also mentioned if I am serious you can tell me where lots of these cars are? Please do tell me. Thanks.

David B- You also mentioned that there are a whole bunch of GT5-s for sale. If so, please tell me where?

I checked ebay. No GT5-s listed in the USA ebay. I checked ProvaMo. None available there except the beautiful red one in Florida that already sold. I've checked Hemmings. None there. PIM- Nope, none there either. PistonHeads- Yeah they have some nice ones listed. Mostly RH drive and all in Europe.

7260- Yes I seem to have a temperature. I've gone from tinkering with the idea of looking at the GTS at PIM to deciding I want a GT5-s. It's Charlie's and Michael's fault for showing me pics of their cars. Ha!

But my heart was already migrating towards the GT5-s anyway. I checked out a nice '72 Red Pantera for sale last week. The owner was very nice and helpful. The car is in very good shape. Sounds nice too. We went for a drive. I couldn't help but notice the car had a very dated feel. It's not the car's fault. It is almost 40 yrs old. I've always loved the look of the '71-'74 Panteras. Still do. But when we drove it around it just felt like time has finally caught up with this car, even though the car performed fine.

A couple of years ago I went to PIM in Orange, Ca. to take a look at what they had. When I got there a gentleman with a Pantera GT5s pulled up. He told Jerry that his battery kept going dead. They suspected the radio might have been the cause. Anyway, it was the first time I saw a GT5-s. It looked so much more modern and refined than the '71-74 Panteras. Again that's no knock on the '71-74 cars. But the GT5-s has the advantage of being 15 yrs newer. That car left an imprint on me. It had a modern look and feel. More sophisticated if you will. JMO of course. But for me, the GT5-s is the best looking and most refined of the Panteras.

To me the GT5 is a car in transition. It had the wide body and looked more modern than the '71 narrow body Panteras. But the fenders looked sort of like an after market add on. The front spoiler looks bulky and unrefined IMO. No offense to any GT5 owners out there. They are nice cars. But to me the GT5-s is a result of the advances made from the genesis of the '71-'74 Panteras to the GT5, and they finally got it just right with the unveiling of the latest generation GT5-s. The GT5-s has smooth lines. The fender flares are graceful. The car looks like the finished product. That is the car for me.

I still like the look of Michael's car. The color, the decals, I don't know. That car just sort of all came together. I'm just saying.

I so much appreciate all of you guys for your input. I wonder if any of you guys are going to the Reno Fun Rally coming up? I am going to try to go. I hope to meet some of you guys there.

Not sure if this will help, but here's how you might be able to get yourself a GT5-S. Go back to the ProvaMo site, but don't go to the 2 that are listed for sale, rather, go to the page that lists all of the GT5-S cars and click on the photos for each of the USA cars, many of them have phrases like 'listed for sale' although the dates are a couple of years old, so I don't know if they're already sold. It may be a case of Chuck being overwhelmed with work trying to update content on new Panteras and keeping all us registrants on the site happy that he doesn't have the cycles to keep the 'for sale' and 'sold' cars under the right links (or the owners just haven't updated their content, I don't know), so Maybe (fingers crossed) there are some cars actually for sale sitting under our noses.

If nothing else, call the numbers listed for the GT5-Ss, talk to the guys who either own them now (so they know you're looking), or find out who they've sold them to, and call the new guys so they'll know you're looking should they be having second thoughts about their purchase. You might even score the opportunity to get out and inspect a few cars!

... hopefully useful advice this time Wink
Originally posted by adoberetreat:
It appears I may have found Michael's GT-5s in the registry. Michael, is your chassis #9434? Because it looks just like your car. If it is, your car was originally white. Originally it had red interior. Originally it had a delta wing. And your original wheels are gone. I'm glad it is not original. I hope and pray that because your car is no longer original, the value has been somewhat compromised, to help offset whatever increased value the car has because it is a Targa. Because I'm scared that Targa top is going to cost me. (Ha!)


9434 is indeed my 5-S. QV500 has it listed as an '85, but it is actually an '86. It was originally white with red leather interior with the delta wing, white painted campys, and NO lettering on the side. That is how it was when I first came across it in April of '95 when I took that picture. I posted it on the web a few years ago, that's where QV500 got it from. It is listed on the ProvaMo website as well with better pictures. I was able to finally purchase it in Sept. '03. I got it in it's current color combo. The picture below is what it looked like when I first got it.

The car is bone stock except for the change in colors, and the wheels. Original campys can always be refitted, but I just don't think they suit the car at this point. I don't think these changes affect the value. In fact, the color and wheels really make the car 'pop' and make it much more attractive than it was in it's original form, hence making it more desirable. Just last season, I was asked if it was a new car. It totally fits in with modern exotics.

Ask around at what a Pantera knowledgeable shop would charge to do a targa conversion on a Pantera. I did when I had my '74. About 10 years ago, the only place who would attempt it (Tom Horvath? in CA) said it would cost a minimun of 50k, and would likely be closer to 100k when all was said and done. Gary Hall did 'Purple Passion' (pictured in an above post), and said he WOULD NOT duplicate that targa conversion for 250k! He said the targa conversion was way too labor intensive and costly, and he wouldn't take his time up with it again. Even after all that, it still isn't a Pavesi Targa. I'm not saying that a targa top will add 100k to the price of my Pantera, but it's not going to be a few thousand either. If you were to ride in a targa Pantera, I think your 'fever' would become life threatening!



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