We're getting correspondence from quite a few possible buyers interested in the Shelby GT5-S going to auction 1st week of June, & anticipated values as what would be a reasonable number to pay for such a rare car. Some mistakenly think this was his only Pantera, perhaps making the value very great. Such is not the case. Keep in mind Carroll bought many DeTomaso's, but this isn't about that. Let's stick with GT5-S cars specifically. I know from original records the following went to him: 9425 Rosso, 9426 Nero, 9428 Rosso, 9430 Blanco, 9432 Blanco Standox, [a pearl] & these are only cars he purchased ~new~ because he bought other models/years, even used ones. What to place as a value? What will it do?? Depends who's there, who's bidding online, & how badly they want a project 5-Steel. Keep in mind the value will be greater if Shelby changes are not covered up in an attempt to make it a beautiful factory type restoration including the 'niceties' you would like on the car. Other buyers know to keep the Shelby changes on hand, not covered up. That's the value in buying a test mule. That's what it was born, that's what it is. If you want a perfect Shelby 5-Steel buy 9425, a flawless drop-dead gorgeous 5-S with tons of documents currently for sale. Contact speed8classics in Belgium. It's not yet up on their web sight as of today, it will be. Shark
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Here's what I think I know...

It came from a highly reputable source.

Note this is just the 9000 series cars. There may be others with lower S/Ns, I don't know.

It matches Sharky's list with a couple additions, one a GTS (9281), and one (9461) is an Amerisport model.



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Thnx for that Rocky.

People are still calling. The car was a test mule, what are the callers going to do with the car? I don't know. It has provenance for sure, it's a Shelby owned vewhicle, but it's not high on the value list. We have everything on the shelf here in Miami to assemble this car & make it drivable within a week, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. It's never going to achieve the big $$$ value like Carrolls rosso car or other mint low mile 5'S cars will achieve; i.e 275k up. I've sold 'em for more than that. Carroll bought that car without a drive train, tried various manufacturers engine, but I guess he wasn't too happy with the results. It's being sold as a mule, which is why he bought it. Shark
Sold at $202K ($226,240 all in) to the salesroom floor after a long battle with a phone bidder, so is it heading to Miami?

If you dropped the Dodge 340 Turbo back in it it's a 'one of one' with Shelby provenance, I think it could actual outshine the others?

The '83 GTS fetched $182,560 all in with premium.

Some of this information is a bit in-accurate. All of the Shelby S cars went through AmeriSport but there were a couple that had Windsor engines and were complete direct import cars, not final assembly AmeriSport Cars. I am 99% sure 9425 was an AmeriSport assembled car but will confirm in the weeks to follow---makes it more rare than even my invoiced cars.

I am going to take the time and explain the entire program in detail so there will no longer be any questions about the S cars we built. This is something that should have been on going, as a defense to the "it's factory built, not an AmeriSport car" or "it not a real Pantera if it is an AmeriSport" bull $#!T that I've had to endure since the beginning.

I sat in Shelby's office at the top of the escalator in the old Chrysler headquarters for over an hour in 1986 one day talking about AmeriSport cars, his history, how to proceed in his opinion, Mr. Detomaso and more. Most of this conversation has never been discussed but it's time.

The AmeriSport built GT5-S Pantera was authorized by the factory, supported by the factory and they are more rare today than any other S cars built that still exist. Every Shelby Pantera starting with the last red narrow body 9281 all came through my shop---some had engines---most did not and were AmeriSport built cars.

Now if my critics would who may read this would like to have any questions answered, please wait for the AmeriSport history thread to start that will be coming soon or PM me direct. I have lots of digging to do, paper trails to copy, so on.

To my knowledge, no one on this thread has ever been negative about AmeriSport cars so if my response sounds a bit pissy, it's not at any of you. I have always preferred to be a low key guy just doing my thing without the lime lite. I guess it's time to enlighten everyone and answer all the questions. I wanted to wait until retirement hit to explain all of this but at the pace we're working today, I'll be dropping dead in my shop still working my ass off with retirement as an afterthought.

Every GT5-S is rare, please remember that.
Me Three!

The table that I posted was information from a 9000 series registry (not mine). I was merely posting the information I had access to for informational purposes.

NEVERTHELESS: The data I posted is the best, and most complete information currently available to the average interested Pantera cognoscenti.

Everyone would be interested in the "rest of the story"!

I Agree with Kirk Evans, And look forward to the real story about the GT5-S cars.

When I has going to purchase my 1988 GT5-S car 20 some years ago. I was told by many in the Pantera world, that because it was an AmeriSport GT5-S it was not a real car. I have seen and restored a few of them and I have Noticed nothing different. Except what was done to AmeriSport models ,wings, door reinforcements, etc.

It has been an amazing Car to own and truly a real Pantera.

Thanks, Max
I too am looking forward to this information, and as author of the POCA Profiles "Ten Years Ago" column for the past 17 years, particularly so.

Kirk,I hope you will also submit it for publication in Profiles. I've always been an admirer of all you have done over the years.

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