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I think the reason why Pantera owners have a hard time getting alignments done is the fact that most if not all the alignment machines are computer driven. They have the specs stored on hard disk for most makes. If the specs for the car are not in the database (Pantera for example) most places will not do the alignment. Many aligment machines have the ability to do a custom alignment where the operator inputs the specs manually. This allows a Pantera to be aligned with the machine. The problem is two fold. One is finding someone who knows and can access the "custom" settings on the computer driven alignment machine and two being able to provide the specs specific to a Pantera. The Dodge dealer more than likely had a tech that knew how to access the custom part of the machine.

Here in Ottawa, There is a tire specialty place called "Frisby Tire". They specialize in tire/wheel/suspension issues.

The only stipulation they require when they align my car is that they will charge for time spent rather than the fixed "four wheel alignment" charge. In the end, the charge is only slightly more.

They allow me to drive my car onto and off the alignment hoist.
- I gave them the specs out of the appropriate Service Bulletin (sorry can't remember off the top of my head the Bulletin number).
- They custom set up the computer. They allow me to set up the car as required. The Service Bulletin says that it should be done with 1/2 tank of gas and weight in the chair/footwell. Frisby said its best that I sit in the car when they do the alignement as this is the primary driving configuration. They took the time to show me how the alignment changes when: the car is unoccuppied, with a diver and with a driver and passenger. (no charge). I was surprised that there was a change.

So, I recommend that when you get an alignment, spend the time to find a good shop that will follow the factory recommended procedure.


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