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Hi fellow Canadian listers. Well, just as a tease I got our "new" 1974 Pantera back on the road for the first time since 1986. We bought it last February out of Geneva new York. Have really rung her out yet, but boy did it feel good to have it move under its own power. Few little glitches here and there, but overall, excellent running. quick question for all. Where do most of you mount your front plate, or do youSmiler) Just wondering. Hope to join in some runs next season.
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Congrats John,

I sure hope we can get to see you at one of our gatherings. Fort Erie is a good long drive from where I am.

I can usually get away without a front plate because of my close proximity to Québec (which doesn't require them so cops here are used to not seeing a front plate), but you may be less lucky in southern Ontario. I have a factory plate mount that attached under the front PS bumper. Note that the one on eBay now may work on a late car, but not an early one. Hopefully someone else can offer a solution for your later car.


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Originally posted by David B:Fort Erie's not so far.

David, you actually have comfortable seats and most of the rest of us don't. No chance that my ass could survive the 9-hour drive each way unless it was over a few days. Hopefully we can meet up somewhere in between next year.

Thanks all...I think the front plate really spoils the looks. I probably try the "Will" way and see how it goes. Local police here are pretty bored though so they may be looking for something to do. I look forward to seeing some or all of you next season. If you do happen to make it out here there is a great little run along the Niagara River. You may have done it when you visited the falls before but it's well worth the drive. Weber's blew me away. Car sat for 26 years and I didn't touch them and the damn things idled right off!!! Go figure...cheers...
John, it looks and sounds great,
its a fantastic feelling to get them running again.
Woiuld love to see some pictures of the weber set up.
i started a small mod back in 2005, which turned into a full blown nuts and bolts resoration that has taken most of the last two years. and am now very happy to be once more behind the wheel,
enjoy your new toy.
cheers cj

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