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Continuing the tradition, Pantera owners in Eastern Canada will be meeting June 10, Grand Prix Sunday, at the Orange Julep in Montreal. If it doesn't rain, we expect a late morning get together of at least 10 cars. 

We'll have lunch, study each others' cars, take lots of photos and then head to David's house to watch the race. No problem if we're late as it will be pre-recorded and waiting for us when we get there. 

There are a few new owners who will be joining us for the first time. So please try and make it.


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I saw the invite. I would love to take part. It was a real gas last year.

Ashamedly, I have not received my engine yet. So, it is not in the car. Somewhat disappointing, but the way things are falling behind, I may not get the car out this year. I can only do my best. My car needed a transaxle, clutch and engine rebuild without a doubt. It became obvious it was required and it was confirmed after I pulled my rear end out of the car. I am pleased with the choice I made - Just a little disappointed over the time it is taking.

Nice jab about the seats Mark. I think my fat ass could tollerate almost anything so that I don't miss a day with my DeT buddies.

Another Awesome Pantera Grand Prix day in Montreal!

Romano stopped by to show us the beautiful custom work on his unique Pantera.

Norman dropped in to meet all of us for the first time and show off his pristine 83 GT5 he bought just 6 months ago.

Although 4 or 5 of chose to attend the GP instead, Mark, Robert, Andrew and I were treated to the first outing of Michel's black 74, a sweet ride indeed.

Bohdan is in the midst of an 4.6 engine change in his Orange 74, so he drove down with Mark.

Carmen was there but without his newly done car. He installed his new engine last night, only to have the fuel pump let go shortly thereafter. But we had his dyno charts to look at (an impressive 578 hp and 510 ft lbs).

From the Orange Julep, a few left to take care of family plans so the rest drove over to my house where we watched the race, drank beer and impressed the neighbors - especially all the Ferarri, Porsche and Lambo weenies.

It sure was nice to see them all lined up on my street. Even the yummie mummies slowed down to stare.

Mark got some great shots I'm sure so I will let him post for all to enjoy.

Anyhow, thanks to all for making it.

This PI board has created some longlasting friendships.
This guy, David Berman was my turning point, when i logged on this forum for the first times just after last year's Grand Prix and saw he organized a Grand Prix get together, I decided to buy one of these exotic cats. I was coached right in this group. Thanks to all the participants that made this special sunday the best ever.
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