Last weekend. there was the Gold-Coast-600 V8-Supercars Race here in OZ (Previously Indy Cars)

I took the Cuda there on the Saturday and then the Pantera there on the Sunday, got the cars inside the event with the musclecar club im in and they were on display, people were all over them all weekend!

I also got to drive the Pantera around the race-track on the Sunday in a Parade lap and it was the maddest thing ive ever done!

Got to give the Panther shit at times around the track and it sounded insane, there were thousands n thousands of people lined along both sides of the track all way around and they were cheering and screaming! .... it was the greatest buzz ever! ... now ive gotta find some footage of my car somewhere!

Car got a glimpse on TV over here too.

Anyway, got the camera out again and took a few new pics of the car!

.... i wanna be a racecar driver now .... haha!!


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Originally posted by wildpantera:

Will bore you with 1 more MOPAR pic!
Cuda in centre spread of Chrysler Action Mag here in Australia!

(photo from Chrysler Action magazine)

Very very nice Pantera! The'Cuda has always been one of my favorite muscle cars. I have a '67 Nova SS in my garage that gets limited use in the summer months. It must have been a wild time running her around the track. I'm jealous.. Smiler


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Mother never looked like that to me? I hate when I miss things like that? Oh well. Maybe she is the type of girl that will do anything for a ride in one of those and will tell me?

Ah forget about it. I'm delirious? Kinda looks like Bo Derek. Definitely. Wonder if she likes the Bolero?
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