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Hi guys, I thought I show you guys what i've done with my pantera so far. As you know the "frog eyes" on the pantera doesn't look to appealing in today's modern car design. Some like it but I personally don't, so I did some homework.. actually a lot of it as well as research in various headlamp designs, projectors, reflectors, HID, Halogen, Blue Halogen blubs, etc..

So to skip all this, the pantera now has retrofitted Low Beam OEM HID Projectors pulled from a Honda S2000 headlight housing, and Hella's aftermarket H9 65watt halogen high beam reflector unit.

Plus some grinding of the orginal headlight housing, relocating the switch headlight limiting switch for low profile opening, as well as headlight relays so everyone runs at full power and smooth.

I got the S2000 headlamps for a great deal with someone who changed their headlamps to the JDM ones, so they were sitting in his garage so I took it for $225, the high beam unit with blub was about $100, then the HID Blubs and Ballast was about $250, wiring harness $40 plus about a whole bunch of other things I needed in the process so i would say about 700-800 dollars? I'm sure if i did it again I can do it for less then what I spent this time.

Last but not least i'm still working on a carbon fiber cover for it as i'm still working on the mold for it at the moment. Below are pictures on the Before and After of the project.

It took me about 6 months on and off due to school, I almost had it completed in a month for my Senior Prom but school got in the way, I still drove it to my senior prom though!

Comments are more then welcomed!

For detailed info how I did it and what I used, and more pictures, plus my 1st and 2nd attempts then click on these links!
First Attempt
Second Attempt

Stock Round Halogen Beam

Honda S2000 HID Projectors

My Senior Prom

P.S. Anyone wants the stock headlight compoents such as blub, chrome ring or etc?!..


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Wow thanks for all these comments, let me see if i can respond to all of them, I totally forgot that I posted this on this forum and finally got back to it.

The car was pasted on to me by my dad since he had it in the garage since I was born, like 18 some years, and he only drives it once in a while heh. I like modern car but I love the pantera as it's probably the only car that you can pay so little in term of money and get a effect outside like a quarter million dllar car.

I decided i wanted to make this car more modern in terms of technology so one of the things I did were these headlights, did months and months of research on headlights and etc and finally came up with these S2000 projector HID's.

Of course, I felt like the luckiest guy to drive a pantera to my senior prom, espeically when the car matches my date's dress!

And Mark, I would love to take you up on your offer on writing an article for my setup on PI, except i'm afraid that I don't think that I could explain it step by step to those who want the same setup as mines. But I am willing to modify the headlight housing for those who want HID projectors or halogen projectors. It would be cheaper for me if I use Hella's Aftermarket low beam projector and high beam reflector. My high beam are from them but my Low beams are from the Honda S2000.
An impressive safety mod. My only suggestion is to be very sure you use this mod with an aftermarket relay kit so the headlight amperage doesm't go through the headlight and turn signal switches, as it does stock. Both these expensive components routinely fail with non-Halogen headlights amperages. Not too sure how much current flow the new class of headlights pulls, but I'll bet its higher than stock.
Yea, I agree with Jack there, anyone who upgrades their headlight units to a more modern one should install a relay unit for their headlights. A good fire hazard protection to, even with stock headlights. That's the first thing I worried about upgrading the headlights, I didn't want all that current going thru the stock headlight switches and burning up or catching on fire or anything like that. I installed da relay on the high and low beams and only used the stock switches to trigger the relay, my power is direct from the battery protected by a 30amp fuse on each the low beam and high beam. Works pretty good.
Hey guys, it's been awhile since I posted on this one, but recently I just gotten a couple sets of these rare honda s2000 projectors and am looking for pantera owners who's wanting to upgrade their lighting to the new performance level in this century. It' summer for me and I got time to work on a couple more sets of headlights since I already got all the R&D done on mines! Just need that cabron fiber cover to cover up the empty spots, but I have to straighten out my frame first before I mold the cover heh.

So anyone intrested at the moment?! I'm trying to earn money so I can pay for the increased tutition fee that california is trying to jack up due to budget cuts... ah so hard, my second year in college and majoring in material science / mechanical engineering.


P.S. I would just like to share this with the pantera family on here! (I think i'm the youngest guy on here...) My girlfriend of 4 years came back from new jersey and I manage to get her into my school for her last year as a senior, convinced her to go to prom, and this time I went all out! Sorry, didn't take the pantera this time! Going to the prom for the first time with my girlfriend instead of just a friend, i had to make it super special. So enjoy this next pic!


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