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A guy stopped me in traffic, has these headers. Are they aluminum head headers??... Bolt pattern is not the same as mine. They are brand new, never installed. He says he thinks they are $579.. He wants $350. I'm just the messenger. Are these Pantera headers??...


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The ports and bolt hole locations look like Windsor. They would fit a Windsor Inline valve head like a Edel Vic Jr. etc. So basically they look like Windsor Swap Headers for a Pantera. Looks like a decent 2.5" collector. The question is are they for a 9.2 deck svo windsor block or a 9.5 factory windsor block. Maybe someone else knows if the deck difference would cause fitment issues.
If someone was looking for a set of these swap headers 300-350 may be a fair deal, just a quick look at a vendor and they sell the same thing for 400, but its known that they are for a specific deck height windsor block. Unless you can get more specific information regarding the heads these are used with and the deck height of the block its a toss up what they will work with without modification. I mean are you planning to use these? You said your heads were a different bolt pattern which leads me to believe you have either a cleveland or a clevor, in which case you would have no use for them?
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